How to clean pavers – and the secret(s) to a long lasting clean!


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How to clean pavers – and the secret(s) to a long lasting clean!

How to clean pavers | Paver Cleaner Products and Paver Sealer Products

Learn how to clean pavers and restore your patio’s shine!

We explain the physical and application properties of paver cleaners and sealers that we offer.

While you are looking around at your newly installed pavers or patio stones – you may notice that they have quickly weathered; especially with the humid weather elements and lots of foliage on Long Island. If you’re wondering how to clean patio pavers, we’re here to help you get it done correctly the first time to restore that new flair and value. Whether it be the driveway, backyard, walkways or patio; we have the products to get it done.

Paver Cleaners

1. Efflorescence – Cleaning White Stains off Pavers


If you are noticing white stains on your pavers, we have a way to clean it off using an efflorescence cleaner. Efflorescence is when salt gets pulled out of the pores to the surface of a stone. It occurs when water leaves behind deposits on the masonry surface and can be extremely difficult to remove. The Alliance Gator Efflorescence Cleaner will surely remove these unsightly stains. 1 gallon treats 200 sq. ft. It comes in two sizes, 1 gallon and 5 gallons.

2. Shampoo – Cleaning dirt and algae in pavers


It can be a dull look to see your patio getting stained by dirt from traffic, rain, snow, and nearby trees. You can remove the dirt from these porous stone surfaces surface of a stone using Alliance Gator Shampoo will surely remove these unsightly stains. 1 gallon treats 375 sq. ft. It comes in two sizes, 1 gallon and 5 gallons.

3. Paver Rust Remover – Remove stubborn rust stains


Stubborn rust stains on pavers can be an eyesore. This product surely removes rust stains commonly found on bluestone and flagstone – but can be found on any stone. Rust comes from iron-containing hard water that sits on the stone, or a piece of metal that stained the stone.  Using Alliance Gator Rust Remover you can remove paver rust stains. No muriatic acid. Comes in 1 gallon sizes.

4. Paver Oil and Grease Remover – Oil Spill Paver Cleaner & Grease Remover


Gator Clean XP Oil and Grease Remover easily removes tough stains such as motor oil, cooking oil & grease. Just shake the bottle, spread it on the stain, let it dry, and sweep it up. Use it on concrete, brick and stone. Gator Clean XP Oil and Grease Remover is biodegradable and phosphate-free. Shake it, Spread it (let it dry), Sweep it!

5. Rubber, Paint, and Tar Remover – Remove stubborn sticky tar, paint, and rubber from pavers


Gator Clean Rubber, Paint and Tar Remover +1 is effective in removing rubber, paint and tar from the surface of concrete pavers and natural stones. Furthermore, it could be used to emulsify some sealers and could be used as a cleaning agent when using a bonding agent such as Gator Rock Bond.

Paver Sealers

Add a protective layer to your pavers and natural stone to defend them from the elements

Adding a sealer to your pavers allows acrylic-based polymers to coat and penetrate your concrete pavers – reducing oil and dirt penetration that makes it easy to wash away. It also protects your stones from corrosion of de-icing salt, ice expansion, and snow corrosion. These products are specifically formulated to be used on unsealed surfaces only.  They come in a variety of satin and glossy. All of them come in a gallon or 5 gallon choice.  If you have previously sealed your patio, you will want to skip to the paver sealer stripper products below, otherwise check out this paver re-sealer product.

No-Gloss Options

Low Gloss Options

Wet Look Options

Paver Sealer Strippers

Paver Sealer Stripper Solutions