Creating a complete outdoor kitchen makes entertaining by the pool or out on the deck much easier. Whether you just want a grill island or you prefer a complete outdoor kitchen, we have the right options for your needs....

At 9 Brothers Building Supply in Long Island, we offer several features for your outdoor kitchen. We provide fully-assembled outdoor grill islands, along with outdoor kitchen kits to fit a small refrigerator, pizza oven, charcoal smoker, and many other accessories.

Cambridge Outdoor Kitchens

Many of our outdoor kitchen kits are fully assembled options from Cambridge. We carry several outdoor grill islands to give you a larger amount of space around your grill. Cambridge also offers complete outdoor kitchens with more counter space and a stainless-steel appliance package.

We also provide several pre-packaged outdoor kitchen kits from Cambridge with several different designs. Whether you're looking for a Ledgestone Wall Grill module kit or an Olde English Wall Kitchen kit, we have many options for you to choose from.

Outdoor Kitchens from Eldorado Stone

Maybe you prefer the look of one of our Eldorado Stone Signature Kitchens. We offer three great options from Eldorado stone including the Coastal Ranch, Metropolitan, and Parkview Signature Kitchens.

The Coastal Ranch features an L-shaped kitchen with cabinets and a bar-height area. If you choose the Metropolitan Signature Kitchen, you'll enjoy a linear kitchen with plenty of counter space for prep work. The Parkview option is another L-shaped kitchen with a simple configuration.

Nicolock Outdoor Kitchens

We carry three outdoor kitchen designs from Nicolock with the Nantucket Kitchen Island and the Verona Grill Island providing smaller choices for grilling and extra counter space. The Verona Outdoor Kitchen provides an L-shaped option with space for a refrigerator.

Outdoor Kitchens from Techo-Block

A unique option from Techo-Block, the Forno Raffinato Stone Kit provides a sleek look perfect for an outdoor pizza oven and grill. We also carry the Techo-Block Grill Island, which provides room for your grill, along with a small refrigerator and even for a sink.

Any of our outdoor kitchens will help transform your outdoor space into a great place for entertaining.