Cambridge Fireplaces

Nothing is ‘hotter’ than having Cambridge fireplaces outdoors. Expand on your outdoor living space and give it a stunning look while entertaining your guests or enjoying the warmth alone! Cambridge Fireplaces are an excellent addition to your oasis!

We are changing America’s Landscape with our Outdoor Living Solutions! We want towns all over the United States to upgrade their sidewalks, downtown areas and municipalities with products that will outperform concrete and asphalt. We are allowing people to extend their living space beyond their four walls so that they can enjoy time with family and friends throughout the year. This is about something larger than a pretty driveway or patio. It is about an investment that makes people feel good about coming home or taking a walk in their local community. Our mission is to encourage positive change in the environments we utilize each and every day. We are proud to be a part of this change, one paver and one wallstone at a time.