Certain types of buildings require foundation vents. When these vents are necessary, you need the right options to ensure you handle your building projects properly....

Foundation vents help to ensure a flow of fresh air is provides and they offer anti-flood features for emergencies and rising water tables. When structural integrity is an issue, you may need to install foundation vents for your building.

Our Monarch Foundation Vents

At 9 Brothers Building Supply in NYC, we offer two foundation vents from Monarch, the Premier Vinyl Vent and the Steel Vent. Both offer a good option for your foundation vent needs. The Premier Vinyl Vent provides a pour-in-place system and can be manually operated with the vinyl vent insert.

The steel foundation vent from Monarch offers a system with multiple wall widths. It's easy to install in poured concrete and can also be used in concrete block walls without any need for modification.

Our Smartvent Foundation Vents

We offer several vents from Smartvent, as well. The Smartvent flood vents offer a great product for your foundation vent needs. These vents provide the right option to meet building codes and also offer an anti-flood feature.

When you choose these flood vents from Smartvent, you get both the ability to offer natural air ventilation and you also gain flood protection. The vent door will be latched closed until floodwater comes in contact with it. When this happens, the patented internal floats will unlatch the door and it will rotate open. This will help to allow floodwater to enter and exit the frame keeping the pressure off your foundation walls.

We also offer several other options from Smartvent including a pour-in-place vinyl foundation vent and an application for commercial buildings. Even if you need an overhead garage door vent from Smartvent, we have a few good options to choose from.

When you need foundation vents for your building project, we have the right options for you. Stop by one of our two Long Island and NYC area locations and find out how we can help you with all your building supply needs.