Paving Stone Sealers

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Quality Paving Stone Sealers and Cleaners

Paving Stone Sealers are great to use because they assure long lasting beauty and value. They come in a variety of finishes such as natural look, satin look, and enhanced look. Paving stone sealers enhance color, texture and brightness of old and new stones, reduces paver loosening & cracks, prevents sand loss from joints, and also reduces surface deterioration and wear. Weather and nature resistant to where salt, oils, grease, and grime have no effect. Insects get deterred while weeds are inhibited and moss growth is reduced. 9 Brothers Building Supply is a supplier of Alliance-Gator paving stone sealers as well as cleaners. Stop on in to one of our locations in Brentwood or Riverhead and we’ll guide you to the products perfect for your project!
paving stone sealers

A patio finished with a paver sealer.

paving stone sealers

Paving Stone Sealers & Cleaners

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

All Questions Welcome

Our team at 9 Brothers are equipped and ready to answer all of your questions regarding paving stone sealers. We’ll guide you on your project from start, to finish. Know the value of what you are paying for your project in supply materials before shopping around for a contractor. A crucial step is understanding what you are purchasing, it’s longevity, and proper setup scenarios for higher quality installs.

Passionate Advice

It is our mission to help you pick out the perfect paving stone sealer for your project! Setting us apart; we pay full attention to our customers customers and their needs. We don’t stop there we will also deliver your products to your project site whether it’s a home or commercial site, we deliver anywhere on Long Island and the 5 boroughs of NYC.

We are NOT Contractors

9 Brothers is purely a building and masonry supply company and do not work on projects, but our team of experts can recommend and help you plan your outdoor living experience. We can also recommend contractors fit for your project.

COVID-19 Essential Businesses New York

COVID-19 Essential Businesses New York

Update – WE ARE OPEN – but here’s what changes to expect until further notice.

It is with sad dismay we must make this announcement – the COVID – 19 Coronavirus is severely impacting and changing everybody’s lives. We’re here to assist, and we are open during normal business hours – however we must make changes to how we do business at 9 Brothers Building Supply until further notice.

Essentially, we will not be coming into contact with clients.

Our stores are open for business. We ask that we limit clients to 1 client per visit, while practicing social distancing. We also encourage using phone calls and our website to browse our products.

We encourage all of our clients and Masons, Landscapers, and Contractors to PHONE-IN their order, and utilize our website catalog for shopping.

We are still delivering.

All customer payments will be digital over the phone via Debit Card/Credit Card. Only known businesses will still be able to mail a check to us. New businesses must drop off or mail a check and it must clear before any goods are shipped or released for pickup. You can become a “known” business by filling out a credit application.

If you have any questions, please ask. We urge you to visit NY Governor Cuomo’s Issues Guidance on Essential Business List.