Manufactured Stone Veneer in Long Island

Manufactured stone veneers give you the look of stone without the high cost or heavy weight of the actual stone. When you want to upgrade your home's exterior, using stone veneer offers a great solution. You get the look you desire, without breaking the bank or having heavy stones hauled in to redo the chimney or the facade of your home....

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer a variety of manufactured stone veneer options to choose from in the Long Island area. Our team will be happy to help you choose the best stone veneer for your project. Stop by one of our two NYC area locations for assistance today!

What is Manufactured Stone Veneer?

Getting the look of real stone without the high price and heavy weight is done by using manufactured stone veneer. A veneer is defined as a decorative outer surface. A manufactured stone veneer is an artificial stone made with a mixture of natural aggregates, cement, and pigments. This produces a very realistic product that looks like natural stone.

When you decide to use manufactured stone veneer instead of natural stone, you gain many benefits including:

  • Very Versatile - The lightweight and predictable size make manufactured stone veneers much more versatile. You can use them for interior and exterior projects, and they are rather DIY-friendly.
  • Easier to Install - Stone veneers are easier to install and easier to cut compared to natural stone.
  • Lower Cost - Compared to natural stone options, manufactured stone veneers are much more budget-friendly. Plus, the cost of installation is often cheaper.
  • Work Where Stone Won't - In some cases, installing actual stone would mean tearing down a wall or chimney to start from scratch. With manufactured stone veneers, you can get the look of stone in areas where actual stone cannot be installed.
  • Very Durable - When you choose manufactured stone veneers, you get a long-lasting material. Often, the warranty from the manufacturer will range from 20 to 75 years.

There are many benefits to choosing manufactured stone veneers for your project.

Where Can I Use Manufactured Stone Veneers?

Since manufactured stone veneers are more versatile, lighter in weight, and easier to install, they can be used in many different areas of your home including:

  • Exterior - You can replace siding with manufactured stone veneers from the base of your home up a few feet to get a beautiful look. Some homeowners will even cover pillars with stone.
  • Kitchen Backsplash - It has become increasingly popular to use manufactured stone veneers as a kitchen backsplash. This is a great way to bring stone into your home and provide a warmer look.
  • Interior Walls - Creating a stone accent wall is possible with manufactured stone veneers. It will also work great if you have an unwanted architectural detail in your home you'd like to cover up.
  • Fireplace Surround - A very popular place to use manufactured stone veneers is the fireplace surround. You can use it both indoors and outdoors to get the stone look you desire.
  • Entryway - Of course, you can also use manufactured stone in the entryway of your home to cover an archway or to frame your door.

There are many places to use manufactured stone veneers to get the look you desire without the high cost or heavy weight. If your next project will require the use of stone, 9 Brothers Building Supply has the right options for you. Stop by one of our two Long Island area locations today and let our team help you get the right manufactured stone veneers for your project.