Bluestones Pavers

Our beautiful bluestone pavers are available in both our NYC area locations. When you need bluestone pavers for your patio, walkway, driveway, or another project, we have the right options for you. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we even offer bluestone pavers for stone steps....

What is Bluestone?

Bluestone is also known as Pennsylvania Bluestone and it's a type of sandstone that comes from the mountains of Upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Its name comes from the bluish hue of color found within the stone. Bluestone commonly comes in a full-color range, which will contain blues and greys with some browns and greens, or Blue Blue, which is purely blue and gray colors.

The stones can be used for several applications, such as patios, steps, coping, caps, walkways, and more. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer one of the largest selections of bluestone pavers in the Long Island area. Our options include only the best quality bluestone directly from the quarries and from leading stone manufacturers.

Our Bluestone Pavers

We offer several bluestone paver options including both Full Color Range and Blue Blue options. We provide natural cleft finish pavers, which make an excellent option for a walkway or patio. These bluestone pavers come in a variety of sizes and can be fabricated to have several different edge designs.

Our thermal finish bluestone pavers offer another option with a variety of sizes to choose from. These pavers provide a great choice for patios and walkways with a smoother finish.

Along with bluestone pavers, we also offer bluestone slabs and treads. Whether you're looking for pavers to create the perfect bluestone walkway or you need treads for stone steps, we have the right bluestone products for your needs. We guarantee you will be happy with our bluestone pavers as they come from the best manufactures in the area.

Choose the Blue Blue color pavers or the Full-Color Range pavers depending on your personal preference. If you're not sure the type of bluestone pavers you need, stop by one of our two NYC area locations. We will be happy to assist you and show you the differences.

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    Bluestone Natural Cleft Finish Pavers – Full Color Range

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    Bluestone Thermal Finish Pavers – Blue Blue

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    Bluestone Thermal Finish Pavers – Full Color Range

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    Bluestone Thermal Finish Slabs – Blue Blue

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    Bluestone Thermal Finish Treads – Blue Blue

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    Bluestone Thermal Finish Treads – Full Color Range