Retaining Wall Blocks that 9 Brothers Building Supply carries

Getting the right retaining wall blocks will make it easier when assembling your retaining wall. Since concrete blocks offer the strength you need, they make for a very popular retaining wall block choice. Plus, with modern concrete blocks, you get an easier assembly since the blocks just get stacked and secured with interlocking edges, pins, or clips....

When using concrete blocks for your retaining wall, you will set them in a compacted gravel base, which allows the blocks to flex slightly with the ground movement. Concrete retaining wall blocks come in a variety of styles and sizes.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry the best retaining wall blocks in NYC and Long Island. Choose from popular brands, such as Cambridge, Nicolock, and Techo-Bloc. If you're ready to build your retaining wall, stop by one of our two locations and we will help you get the right retaining wall blocks!

What is a Retaining Wall?

A structure designed to resist lateral pressures from the soil, a retaining wall is used for supporting the soil and allowing it to be retained at different levels. A retaining wall will restrain the soil to a slope where it's steep, a vertical slope, or a near-vertical slope.

Often, retaining walls are used to bind soil between two elevations. They are used when the slope is undesirable or there is an area in need of a specific landscape shape.

Choosing the Right Retaining Wall Blocks for Your Needs

There are many different types of retaining wall blocks to choose from, but the most common is the concrete retaining wall block. You can also choose a natural stone for your retaining wall, but the installation will be more difficult. Sometimes, retaining walls are built of wood, but this is less common.

Most retaining walls will be made of concrete blocks due to their heavy-duty nature and easy stackability. When choosing concrete retaining wall blocks, you will want to consider the best style, type, and size for your project.

Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks


A wide variety of styles are available with many different colors and shapes to choose from. Typically, concrete retaining wall blocks will be square or rectangular in shape. They may offer a split face or a straight face design, however.

Many different colors and designs are available to help you create the perfect retaining wall for your property. You can choose a classic colonial wall design or a more modern, sleeker look for your retaining wall. Different brands of retaining wall blocks offer different styles to give you the look you desire.


There are three main types of concrete retaining wall systems: Pin, Clip, and Interlocking. Pin systems will require a pin to connect the blocks, while a clip system will use a clip. With interlocking retaining wall blocks, each block will connect to the next based on the design of the brick. Often, this type of system will use a lug-and-groove locking mechanism or something similar.


Commonly, there are two sizes for retaining wall blocks, but they can vary a bit from one manufacturer to another. For garden walls, you will likely use a lightweight retaining wall brick that is less than 25 pounds. These bricks tend to be smaller in overall size.

Heavy-duty bricks are also available with weight from 50 to 75 pounds. These bricks can be used for taller retaining walls and they tend to be larger in size.

It's common to find retaining wall bricks in a variety of lengths and widths. Smaller blocks might be 8" x 12", while larger bricks might be 24" x 8".

When you need the right retaining wall blocks, 9 Brothers Building Supply in NYC is ready to help you. Just stop by one of our two Long Island area locations and we will assist you with choosing the right blocks for your retaining wall project.