Nicolock Slabs

With Nicolock slabs, your dream patio, walkway, or outdoor treading you’ve always pictured is closer than you ever imagined. 9 Brothers Building Supply is a distributor for this premier brand that offers elegant and modern outdoor living solutions! We make it easy to find stones that identify as slabs!

  • Nicolock – Heritage Slab

    Smooth finish • Architectural applications • An economical and functional slab for multiple purposes • Use around your home or garden, under air conditioning units or for ballasts • Suitable for overlays and at-grade applications as well as rooftops and plazas

    8″” x 16″”
    12″” x 12″”
    18″” x 18″”
    24″” x 24″”
    8″” x 12″”
    18″” Round

    Heritage Slab shown in Charcoal.