MSI Outdoor Tile

MSI Outdoor Tile – the artful arrangement of tiles with differing sizes and shapes – square, rectangular, large and small – creates an elegant, eye-catching pattern that complements many styles. Pre-fitted French pattern tiles make it easy to install this repeated pattern throughout each project. MSI outdoor tile consists of a full line of patterns in travertine, limestone, slate, and quartzite.


COVID-19 Essential Businesses New York
COVID-19 Essential Businesses New York

Update 6/17/20

Essentially, we will not be coming into contact with clients.

Our stores are open for business. We are allowing customers inside, but we ask that you please wear a mask - and follow social distancing guidelines. We would love to help.

If you have any questions, please ask. We urge you to visit NY Governor Cuomo’s Issues Guidance on Essential Business List.