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A top brand for all types of outdoor living products, we carry many Cambridge products. When you stop by either of our NCY area locations, you will find several types of Cambridge products to choose from. Our team will help you choose the right options for your specific needs....

Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, 9 Brothers Building Supply is ready to help you. We stock all types of Cambridge products from pavers to coping to outdoor kitchens. When you want the best for your outdoor living area, Cambridge is a great choice.

Products We Carry From Cambridge

Cambridge is known as one of the top brands in the area. Whether you want a classic look or something a bit more exotic, this is the right brand for you. Shopping with 9 Brothers Building Supply will give you the opportunity to choose from several different Cambridge paver options.

Cambridge ADA Pavers

When you need the right ADA pavers, Cambridge has plenty of choices. These pavers are the right choice when you need to create an ADA compli9and walkway in the New York City or Long Island area.

Cambridge Coping

Coping from Cambridge is a great choice when you need to complete your hardscape. We carry all kinds of Cambridge coping including pool coping, patio coping, and more. Whether you're looking to complete a pool deck or a patio, the right coping might be just what you need.

Cambridge Driveways

The Cambridge driveway produces we carry include aprons, edges, and pavers. We provide plenty of options to give you a beautiful driveway for your property.

Cambridge driveway aprons provide the right paver stones to create the look you desire. Choose from a few different sizes and styles. Your driveway will look amazing when you choose Cambridge products.

We also offer driveway edges from Cambridge. We have several options you can use to complete your driveway and all our Cambridge edges match the pavers and aprons perfectly.

Of course, we also carry a large selection of driveway pavers from Cambridge. Choose from many different shapes, styles, sizes, and colors. No matter the type of look you desire, our team will help you choose the Cambridge driveway pavers you want.

Cambridge Patios

No matter the type of patio you want to create, Cambridge pavers are a great choice. You can create the perfect pool deck with pavers, coping, and edges. It's also possible to create a normal patio with these high-quality pavers.

We offer a variety of sizes and styles for your patio., Whether you want larger or smaller pavers, we have them. We even carry kits you can use for the right type of patio.

Cambridge Pavers

We offer all kinds of Cambridge paver options. They come in multiple sizes and styles. Whether you want a classic, old-style look, or you prefer a more modern look, you can find it with these pavers.

You can even find the right design kits from Cambridge to give you the look you desire. For example, the Circle Design kit offers a beautiful look in a circle shape for your outdoor living area.

You can even get a random design kit from Cambridge. These kits will give you a very specific design that will look rather unique. It's an excellent option for those creating a pathway or even a patio.

We also carry the Turnstone pavers from Cambridge. These pavers allow grass to grow through the pavers to create a very specific and attractive look.

Cambridge Permeable Pavers

The permeable pavers from Cambridge are known as Aqua-Bric pavers. We carry several options of these pavers you can choose from. Cambridge also has ledgerstone permeable pavers, as well.

The Aqua-Bric pavers from Cambridge give you a simple design you can use when you need permeable pavement. If you choose the ledgerstone permeable pavers, you'll get to choose from several different sizes for your outdoor living area.

Along with the many Cambridge pavers we carry, we also carry many other Cambridge products. You can design an entire outdoor living area complete with a pizza oven, stepping stones, and even a pergola all from Cambridge.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide everything you need to transform your outdoor area. Whether you want to create a beautiful patio or you just need to put in a walkway, we have the right products for you. Stop by one of our two New York City area locations in Brentwood or Riverhead today and let us help you find the right Cambridge pavers for you.