At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide lumber of all types for your building projects in Long Island and New York City. Whether you need simple 2x4s, plywood, or another type of lumber, we provide several types to choose from for your project. We carry the most popular sizes and the most common types, especially for masons.

When you need quality lumber for any type of building project, we offer the right options and the right sizes. Our lumber works great for masonry and can also be used for other purposes. Whether you just need plywood for the job site or you need a complete package of lumber for a large residential or commercial project, we’re here to help.


Choose from three different types of lumber when you work with 9 Brothers Building Supply. We offer Douglas Fir, Pine, and Spruce lumber for several types of projects. Our Douglas Fir lumber comes in many size options with lengths up to 16 feet and sizes ranging from 2×4 to 2×4. We also carry 4×4 lumber and 4×6 lumber for all types of projects.

We also offer 2×3 pine lumber with eight-foot lengths. Our Spruce lumber comes in 1×2 firing strips with an eight-foot length and 2×9 brick layer planks with 12-foot lengths. If you need 1×4 spruce lumber, we offer 10-foot and 16-foot lengths. Our lumberyard also provides 1×6 Spruce lumber with 16-foot lengths.

It doesn’t matter the type of project you’re working on, if you need lumber, we provide just what you need. With multiple lengths and sizes, we can help make any type of masonry project or another building project easier with the right materials.


Another popular and important type of lumber you will find in our lumber yard is plywood. We provide both ACX plywood and CDX exterior plywood. we offer ACX plywood sizes in Douglas Fir ranging from 1/4″ to 3/4″ in standard 4×8 sheets. Our CDX Plywood is available in pine with standard 4×8 sheets ranging from 3/8″ to 3/4″ thickness.

Lumber has many uses in masonry from wood framing for brick veneers to subdividing space, to supporting loads. There are many ways to use lumber in our lumber yard for your projects.