Nicolock Outdoor Kitchens

With Nicolock outdoor kitchens, your dream backyard barbecues you’ve always pictured is closer than you ever imagined. 9 Brothers Building Supply is a distributor for this premier brand that offers elegant and modern outdoor living solutions!

  • Nicolock – Verona Grill Island

    Fire up that steak year-round with these hard-wearing units • Includes 32″” 56,000 BTU stainless steel grill, single door for propane tank access, cast stone countertops, concrete lintels and Verona wall.

    6′-11″” 3′ deep 37″”

    Verona Grill Island shown in Crab Orchard Blend.

  • Nicolock – Verona Outdoor Kitchen

    Fire up that steak year-round with these hard-wearing units • Includes 32″” 56,000 BTU or 40″” 70,000 BTU stainless steel grill, sink, refrigerator, single and double doors, cast stone counter tops (polished granite with the 40″” grill), concrete lintels and Verona wall • Available with a 32″” grill or 40″” grill

    9′ 11′-5″” 41″”

    Verona Outdoor Kitchen shown in Oyster Blend

  • Nicolock – Verona Pizza Oven

    Contains everything you need to construct this stunning pizza oven! • Cast Stone counter top • Decorative Lintels and surround • 2-1/2 pallets of Verona wall • 5-piece oven: dome, arch, 3-piece hearth • Decorative door, flue adaptor • Install kit: insulating board, insulating blanket, mortar • Cooking kit: pizza peel, brush

    7′-8″” 3′-8″” Deep 9′-4″”

    Verona Pizza Oven shown on Pier Cap in Bluestone

  • Nicolok – Clifrock Kitchen Island

    We are changing the way outdoor kitchens are built. Engineered stone panels make it possible to have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, with any built-in appliance and cooking features you want, in a day. You can choose the design, colors, and stone profile of your kitchen to perfectly fit the rest of your landscape and your home.

    1 – 35″” High x 80″” Wide High-Strength ClifRock Panel (back)
    1 – 35″” HIgh x 80″” Wide w/ Grill and Access Door Cutout High-Strength ClifRock Panel (front)
    2 – 35″” High x 26″” Wide High-Strength ClifRock Panel (sides)
    1 – 84″” Length x 34″” Wide x 1.5″” Depth Rock Face Counter Top High-Strength ClifRock Panel
    4 – 35″” High Structural Corner Units, Wood Grain
    1 – Blaze 4 Burner 32″” Grill
    1 – 30″” Double Access Door

    ClifRock Kitchen Island in Stacked Stone texture and NY Bluestone color