When you need rebar to strengthen your concrete, you need the right supplier in the NYC area. Concrete rebar offers a great choice for many different projects. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer 20-foot and 30-foot rebar, along with many other products.

We also offer Slab Bolsters and Upper Continuous High Chairs to give you the strength you need when working with concrete. With the right concrete rebar, you’ll be able to finish your construction project. Our rebar is perfect for swimming pool construction and for many other reasons.

20-Foot Concrete Rebar

Our 20-foot rebar comes made of grade 60 steel. It comes in many sizes ranging from #3 to #11. We even offer epoxy-coated bars in sizes #4 to #8. Our concrete rebar offers the right choice for reinforcement, whether for swimming pool construction in NYC or for another type of masonry project.

30-Foot Concrete Rebar

We also offer 30-foot concrete rebar made of grade 60 steel. This rebar comes in sizes from #3 to #6. When you need the right concrete rebar for reinforcement, this is a great choice for any project.

Slab Bolsters

Our slab bolsters offer heights from three-quarter inches to three inches. They come with plastic tips and we stock five-foot lengths for this specific product. When you need the right option for your concrete project, our slab bolsters offer a great solution.

Upper Continuous High Chair

Our rebar chair with runners offers the right choice when you need the best choice for reinforcing concrete. It comes with available heights from one inch to six inches. We even offer epoxy-coated heights from two to four inches. Both our locations stock five-foot lengths.

When you’re trying to reinforce concrete for a swimming pool or any other project, this could be the right option for you. We offer all the concrete and masonry products you need at both our locations.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide the concrete rebar you need. Whether you’re working on a swimming pool or any other concrete project, we have you covered. Stop by one of our two locations in the Long Island area and let us help you choose the right building supply products.