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How to choose stones for Masonry – 5 Rules For Outdoor Masonry Projects

How do you choose the perfect scheme of a patio or walkway to go with your home? How to choose stones for masonry: there are quite a few things to think about; although you might just want to choose what color compliments your idea of a perfect hardscape. Hardscapes are basically anything outdoors that involves […]

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens of 2020 – Reviews & Comparisons

Here are six of the best outdoor pizza ovens for 2020 - for wood fired enthusiasts!   Here at 9 Brothers Building Supply, we simply cannot resist a juicy and crispy homemade pizza cooked in an outdoor pizza oven. There is nothing like a pizza cooked to perfection how it should be, your way - [...]

Best Outdoor Grill Islands of Long Island – Reviews and Comparison

The Best Outdoor Grill Islands of Long Island | Outdoor Kitchens | Stone Grills Serious grilling choices for all budgets. Our collection includes products that have proven consistency and continued upgrades. See our top outdoor grill islands of Long Island! While you can have a standalone grill, an outdoor grill island on Long Island is [...]

Best Fire Pits Long Island | Fire Bowls + More | Review

The Best Fire Pits Long Island Contemporary and modern choices for all budgets. We put 'em to the test and compared 'em all. See our top fire pit and bowl choices! Hoodie season or summer days -  warm up and spend quality time with family and friends right in your backyard. Here we'll discuss some [...]

Outdoor Fireplaces Long Island: Luxury Options & Budget Choices

The chilly weather returns every single year and you know it's going to be time to stop going outside as much soon. With the right outdoor fireplace for your Long Island home, you can enjoy your outdoor living space longer. Fall is a beautiful time of year, but it can get a bit chilly for [...]

Outdoor Backyard Ideas: Top 4 Trends

Whenever it's time to upgrade your outdoor living space, the right ideas and trends can play a large role. Choosing the right outdoor backyard ideas will enhance your space and might even allow you to enjoy your backyard longer. Sometimes, you know what you want to do, but you simply cannot figure out how. That's [...]

3 Hard-to-Find Pool Building Supply Products on Long Island

It’s January, and if you live in the New York area, then you know all too well just how bone-chillingly cold winters can be. With us being right in the middle of the winter season, you would think that we’d be having the typical freezing temperatures that we’re used to. However, that’s not the case [...]

Stunning Patio Ideas and Backyard Transformations

Stunning Patio Ideas and Backyard Transformations When you're ready to make your outdoor living space amazing, the right patio ideas can help transform your backyard. The outside area of your home offers plenty of fun throughout the seasons. It's also one of the easiest areas to upgrade. Upgrading your backyard and patio is no small [...]

Fathers Day Gift Ideas – Outdoor Ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2020 - Outdoor Ideas Amidst all of the irregularity and uncertainty; Father's day is around the corner. If you're looking for Fathers day gift ideas 2020, Father's day is on Sunday June 21st - so act quickly! If your Father figure in your life is one that loves outdoors and the [...]