Egress windows make it easier to escape from the basement when a fire or another natural disaster has occurred. They offer a way out for those stuck inside and an easier way in for firefighters and emergency staff.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry Monarch egress windows with two types of windows and two types of window wells. When you need to bring your building up to code or you want to add an important safety feature to your basement, we have the right egress windows for your needs.

Our Egress Window Wells

We carry two egress window wells you can choose from. The Monarch Quarry View offers the appearance of natural stone without the high cost of natural stone.

It’s made in one piece, which makes it super easy to install. The construction includes multi-layered fiberglass mesh and resin to give it plenty of strength and the built-in steps make escaping a basement super easy.

We also offer the Monarch Stif Back II Window Well, which provides a different style option. This window well is made from heavy clay/soil with an aggressive backfilling. You gain incredible strength and it’s made to fit a four-foot or five-foot picture window application. This egress window well comes in a single piece and can be made up to 72 inches tall.

Our Monarch Egress Windows

We offer two basement windows you can choose from with the Premier V Buco and the Premier V Vinyl Hopper. Both windows are designed for use with basements.
The Premier View Buco is a sliding window with a sash installed. It’s a great choice for energy efficiency and for the right look for your building.

The Premier V Vinyl Hopper egress window offers an energy-star rated option with sash and screen pre-installed. It highest inward to offer better ventilation and light.

When you need the right egress windows and window wells, we have the best options for you. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer two locations in the NYC area. Stop in anytime and we will be happy to help you choose the right egress windows for your project.