Concrete bricks are exactly what they sound like, they are bricks made of concrete. Each brick is made from cement and an aggregate (usually sand). Concrete bricks are formed in molds and cured. ...

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry concrete bricks that meet an 8000-psi state approval. You can even buy our concrete bricks by the pallet when you need a larger quantity.

What are Concrete Bricks Used For?

There are many uses for concrete bricks, which make them a popular choice for home construction projects. Since they are made of solid concrete, these bricks can be used for many exterior surfaces of a home or for many other building and construction projects.

Benefits of Concrete Bricks

When you choose concrete bricks from one of our two NYC area locations, you gain a long-lasting construction material. When installed properly, concrete bricks can last ten years or even longer before starting to show wear and tear. They also offer a very aesthetically pleasing look and often become more attractive over time.

Concrete bricks also offer an option to improve acoustic insulation for your home. They can mute the outside noise, which can provide a more peaceful indoor atmosphere and more privacy.

While concrete bricks might be the perfect option for your home improvement or construction project, they can be costly to install. They are not the most cost-effective solution for all projects but do offer benefits you cannot get from a regular brick. These bricks will also come with some upkeep and maintenance over the many years they will last.

Whether you're tackling a home improvement project or another type of project requiring concrete bricks, we have plenty for you to use. At 9 Brothers Building

Supply, we offer concrete bricks with an 8000-psi rating making them strong enough for many types of building projects. We sell these bricks individually and by the pallet, making it very convenient for those needing a small or larger quantity.

Stop by one of our two NYC and Long Island area locations today and our team will help you choose the right building products for your needs.

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