StoneCraft has manufactured quality stone veneer in the U.S. for over 37 years. We honor the masonry traditions of the past and promise to deliver quality and affordability with every stone we make.

What is the difference between StoneCraft and natural stone?

StoneCraft is a manufactured stone veneer, cast from molds of real stone. It is lightweight and designed to adhere easily to a variety of structurally sound surfaces. Natural stone may require wall ties and footings, which, in turn, can increase installation cost and difficulty.

Each stone has a unique intricacy that is simply captivating. With such diversity in shape, color and texture it’s easy to see why it dramatically enhances any exterior or interior space.

Their commitment can be seen within every textural detail. Countless hours are spent hand-chiseling each and every natural stone before they are replicated through our proprietary mold techniques. 9 Brothers Building Supply is a distributor for this premier brand!

  • StoneCraft Caps

    StoneCraft Caps

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  • StoneCraft Sills

    StoneCraft Sills

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  • StoneCraft Trim Keystones & Arches

    StoneCraft Trim Keystones & Arches

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  • StoneCraft Utility Boxes

    StoneCraft Utility Boxes

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  • StoneCraft Wall Stones

    StoneCraft Wall Stones

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  • StoneCraft – Farmledge Profiles

    The irregular stone shapes, sizes and textures of Farmledge have been molded into panels to re-create the time honored look of stacked stone with the benefit of a simplified installation. Farmledge stone panels are approximately 4.875″” high with varying lengths ranging from 7.75″”–19.75″”.

    4.875″” X 7.75″”–19.75″”

    Profile Shown in Hamilton Farmledge

  • StoneCraft – Heritage Profiles

    The profile installs into randomly coursed patterns making an
    impressive visual statement. Heritage stones range from 2.25″”–8″” in height and
    3.5″”–17″” in length.

    2.25″”–8″” X 3.5″”–17″”

    Profile Shown in Hamilton Heritage

  • StoneCraft – Laurel Cavern Ledge Profies

    This unique profile has rugged yet well defined features. Stones range from 1″”–3.5″” in height and 5″”–17″” in length.

    1″”–3.5″” X 5″”–17″”

    Profile Shown in Asher Laurel Cavern Ledge

  • StoneCraft – Light Box

    For cleanly-finished facades and exteriors, our light boxes deliver a stone-friendly mounting platform for consistent beauty

    8″”w × 11″”h × 1.5″”d

    Profile Shown in Espresso Light Box

  • StoneCraft – Peaked Wall Caps

    At 20″” in length, the caps are available in 12″” or 16″” widths to distinguish privacy walls or thicker wall applications with bold dimension.

    20″”l × 12″”w × 2.375″”–3.5″”h
    20″”l × 16″”w × 2″”–3.5″”h

    Profile Shown in Espresso Peaked Wall Cap

  • StoneCraft – River Rock

    Soft rounded contours are slowly revealed from the gradual effects of rushing water. River Rock ranges in size from approximately 1.5″”–15″” in height and 3″”–18″” in length.

    1.5″”–15″” X 3″”–18″”

    Profile Shown In Adirondack River Rock

  • StoneCraft -FieldStone Profiles

    Fieldstone consists of intentionally irregular shapes and sizes. The profile ranges from 2″–18″ in height and 4″–18″ in length, with an average of 7″×9″.

    2″–18″ X 4″–18″

    Profile Shown In BuckTown FieldStone

  • StoneCraft- Wainscot Sill

    “The sills’ 20″” width provides strong, clean lines.

    20″”w × 3″”h × 1.5″”d

    Profile Shown In Espresso Wainscot Sill

  • StoneCraft- Flagstone Wall Caps

    Flagstone Wall Caps add a crisp, natural detail to your stone walls.They complement garden, patio and water feature applications with a touch of refinement.

    37″”l × 9″”w × 2.25″”h
    37″”l × 12″”w × 2.25″”h

    Profile Shown In Espresso FlagStone Wall Cap

  • StoneCraft- HearthStone

    For the coziest and most ruggedly elegant fireplaces, Hearthstones bring a handsome, inviting feel with rustic texture and vibrancy

    19″”w × 20″”l × 1.5″”h

    Profile Shown in Espresso HearthStone

  • StoneCraft- KeyStone

    The classic look of a keystone is the perfect bridge between your stone style and
    your windows

    8″”-5.5″”w x 10″”h x 1.5″”d

    Profile Shown in Espresso KeyStone

  • StoneCraft- LedgeStone Profiles

    Ledgestone ranges from approximately 1″”–5″” in height and 5″”–21″” in length. Installed in a dry-stack application the stones stack tightly together horizontally as the varying stone depths create intriguing shadow play.

    1″”–5″” X 5″”–21″”

    Profile Shown in BuckTown LedgeStone