Permeable Pavers in Long Island

Permeable pavers in NYC offer a great solution when you need to keep water from pooling. With a modern design, permeable pavers are porous and allow water to drain through to the ground or to a sub-base. ...

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer a full line of permeable pavers in Long Island. Our two NYC area locations are fully-stocked and our staff will be happy to help you get the permeable pavers you need for your next construction project.

How Permeable Pavers Work

A permeable paver system offers open cells, which will be filled with grass or gravel to let water enter and drain through to the sub-base or into the ground. These systems differ from typical hardscape surfaces, such as compacted gravel, asphalt, or concrete, which collects water and it tends to pool or it will need a place to run off.

With a permeable paver system, the porous surface acts as the ground and allows the water to drain through without pooling. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer driveway pavers with great infiltration rates to ensure you gain the drainage you need.

When Mother Nature decides to dump rain on your property, you can enjoy an eco-friendly driveway, patio, or walkway with permeable pavers. Since the water will simply drain through, you won't have to worry about dealing with pooling water causing cracks or damage to your property.

5 Benefits of Using Permeable Pavers in Long Island

1. Very Durable

Permeable pavers offer a very durable product that can be used for driveways and walkways. They will not crack due to contraction and expansion, either. Compared to asphalt and concrete, permeable pavers are more durable and will suffer less damage due to temperature changes.

2. Lower Cost

Compared to asphalt and concrete, permeable pavers are less expensive to install. You will also save since you won't have to add a costly drainage system like you would with asphalt or concrete.

3. Easy to Install

Permeable pavers won't require any special equipment for installation. As long as the ground has been cleared and graded, a layer of rock will be installed, and then the pavers can be placed on top. Grids of pavers can be laid in pallet-size sections and locked together. All that's left is filling with limestone or gravel.

4. Fit Multiple Projects

Permeable pavers are most often used for driveways, but they can also be used for walkways and patios. It's even possible to create a temporary road or parking area with permeable pavers.

5. Help with Erosion Control

In an area where the soil is loose, such as a slope or on hills, permeable pavers can be used to help retain soil and prevent erosion. By placing a paving grid over the area that is in need of protection and filling it with gravel or soil and grass seed, you can prevent erosion. This makes permeable pavers a great choice for walkways and decorative areas around structures and trees.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer the best permeable pavers in Long Island for your next project. Our staff at both our NYC area locations will be happy to help you find the right building products for your specific project. Stop by today and check out our full line of permeable paving systems.