When you're taking on a project that requires you to create a pool deck, you will need pool coping products. There are many different designs and choices to consider. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer a variety of pool coping in Long Island and the NYC area....

Whether you're looking for specific pool coping or you're not sure what you need, we are here to help you. Stop by one of our two NYC area locations today for assistance!

What is Pool Coping?

Before you choose the right type of pool coping for your project, it's important to know what it is, exactly. Pool coping is the material that will separate your swimming pool from the solid ground of the landscape or deck surrounding it. You can think of it as a ledge that provides a seal and transition from the pool to the deck or landscaping.

4 Common Types of Pool Coping to Consider

1. Paver Pool Coping

When you choose paver pool coping, you get a very durable option that's easy to replace. This type of pool coping comes in many different styles with square and rounded edges. Bull-nose coping is the most common paver pool coping you will find and it has a rounded edge.

2. Brick Pool Coping

Another common type of pool coping you might want to choose is brick pool coping. This style of coping works great when you have a traditional brick home. Typically, brick pool coping will offer a red or a natural earth tone and it will have a smooth or straight edge. You can find rounded brick coping, but it's not as commonly used.

Brick pool coping is very versatile and it won't be impacted by the sun, chlorine, or heat. It's durable and offers a great choice for your pool deck project.

3. Natural Stone Pool Coping

A natural material used for pool coping; natural stone pool coping offers many advantages. It's one of the most aesthetically pleasing options and it's harder than concrete. Often, natural stone pool coping will last longer in areas where temperatures go from hot to cold drastically.

Natural stone also offers a porous texture, which makes it slip-resistant. You can choose from many different colors and designs to match your pool and home just right.

4. Concrete Pool Coping

Another type of pool coping you can use is concrete pool coping. It's also known as cantilevered concrete since it will cantilever over the edge of the pool. This type of pool coping can be precast or poured and it's usually the least expensive option. However, if it becomes damaged, you cannot replace an individual section like you can with paver coping or brick pool coping.

Concrete is rather versatile, however, and it is resistant to chlorine and sale. The porous nature also makes it slip-resistant.

No matter the type of pool coping you are looking for, we are ready to assist you. Stop by one of our two Long Island locations today and let us help you choose the right pool coping for your project.