StoneCraft Stone Veneer

Finding the right stone veneer makes a big difference for your project. StoneCraft is known as a top brand when it comes to wall stones. These stone veneers are lightweight and provide a natural stone look for your outdoor project. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide many StoneCraft stone veneer options.

Our team will help you choose the right product for your project. Whether you’re working on a fireplace or another type of stone project, we have the right stone veneer for your needs. Our two Long Island and NYC locations are fully stocked and ready to help you.

The StoneCraft Stone Veneer We Carry

StoneCraft offers many different profiles and designs for your stone veneer needs. We carry the Farmledge Profiles, Heritage Profiles, and Laurel Cavern Ledge Profiles. These three profiles tend to have a smaller, stacked look to them with different colors.

The Farmledge profiles offer an irregular stone with different textures and shapes. You can choose from a variety of colors with this very popular StoneCraft Stone Veneer.

We also carry the FieldStone Profiles and Top Rock Profiles, which both offer an intentionally irregular shape of the stones with different sizes. Neither of these stone veneer profiles offer a stacked look.

The Cobblestone veneer from StoneCraft offers a classic look much like an old brick wall. This is a very popular option from StoneCraft, which we carry.
You will also find the LedgeStone Profiles from our two locations. This StoneCraft stone veneer offers a classic look for your stone project.

StoneCraft is a top brand when it comes to stone veneer. If you want a classic, old-world look or you prefer a more rustic look, StoneCraft offers the right choices for your needs.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide the best stone veneer you will find in the NYC area. Our locations in Brentwood and Riverhead both offer StoneCraft stone veneer to help you complete your building project. Whether you’re working on an outdoor living area or a hardscape project, the right stone veneer will make a difference.

Stop in today and let our team help you choose the right stone veener for your specific needs.