Nicolock Pizza Ovens

With Nicolock pizza ovens, nothing’s ‘hotter’ than this outdoor addition! Boast your cooking skills with these high quality and attractive pizza ovens. 9 Brothers Building Supply is a distributor for this premier brand that offers elegant and modern outdoor living solutions!

  • Nicolock – Verona Pizza Oven

    Contains everything you need to construct this stunning pizza oven! • Cast Stone counter top • Decorative Lintels and surround • 2-1/2 pallets of Verona wall • 5-piece oven: dome, arch, 3-piece hearth • Decorative door, flue adaptor • Install kit: insulating board, insulating blanket, mortar • Cooking kit: pizza peel, brush

    7′-8″” 3′-8″” Deep 9′-4″”

    Verona Pizza Oven shown on Pier Cap in Bluestone