A commonly used type of wood for building projects, plywood is also known as a wood veneer. It’s made of layers glued together to form an engineered wood. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer ACX plywood and CDX exterior plywood for your construction needs.

ACX Plywood

Our ACX plywood comes in a variety of thicknesses ranging from one-quarter inch to three-quarter inch. It comes in a four-foot by eight-foot section and it’s made of Douglas Fir wood.

ACX plywood can be used for several types of projects and it offers many benefits. The A in the name refers to the front of the piece of wood, while the C refers to the back, which is usually a lower grade than the front. The X in the name denotes the waterproof exterior adhesive used to improve the plywood and help protect it against rain and other weather.

ACX plywood is very durable and offers a good option for several types of building projects. The weather-resistant properties make it a good choice for outdoor projects, such as sheds. Since it can be exposed to moisture, it makes a good choice for many outdoor projects.

CDX Exterior Plywood

We also offer CDX exterior plywood in thicknesses from three-eighths to three-quarters of an inch. All our CDX exterior plywood is made of pine and comes in four-foot by eight-foot sheets.

CDX plywood is a type of plywood with a C-rated side and a D-rated side. Just like with ACX plywood, the X denotes the type of adhesive used to make the plywood weather-resistant. It’s not waterproof, but it can withstand some moisture for a short amount of time.

CDX plywood is commonly used in several home building projects. It’s used for roofs and exterior walls, but it’s never used for the final exterior layer of a home. It can also be used for several other types of construction projects.

When you need the right plywood for your building project, we’re here to help. If you’re not sure whether you should choose ACX or CDX or you’re not sure which thickness is best, our team can help you choose. Stop by one of our two NYC and Long Island area locations today and let us help you choose the right plywood for your project.