Smartvent- Pour-in-Place Vinyl Bucks

Smartvent- Pour-in-Place Vinyl Bucks

Vent Size Rough Opening Flood Coverage Air Ventilation
Varies, see Spec Sheet. n/a Varies per model Varies per model.

Pour-in-Place Vinyl Bucks Shown in Stainless Steel

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The SMART VENT Pour-in-Place Vinyl Buck is made of high strength PVC. Each wall buck accepts SMART VENT models 1540-510, 1540-511, 1540-150202E (1540-0039) and FLOOD VENT models 1540-520, 1540-521, 1540-150202E (1540-0239) flood vents. Fully assembled units are shipped ready to install with a protective film and wood bracing that protects the buck and flood vent when the wall is poured. The SMART VENT Pour-in-Place Vinyl Buck comes in several widths to accommodate most standard wall thicknesses. For Model Numbers and more please view our Pour-in-Place Buck Spec Sheet.

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