Air-entraining SUPER LIMOID® SA Mason’s Lime is a
fine-grind, white, high-purity dolomitic lime, pressure
hydrated for immediate use. When properly combined with portland cement and sand, it creates a
lime mortar having superior performance and
ageless durability.
SUPER LIMOID® SA Mason’s Lime is specially
formulated to develop high plasticity and excellent
water retention. The formulation permits a controlled
volume of minute air bubbles to mix with the mortar.
This entrained air goes completely through the mix
and takes the water with it. The result is a deeply
penetrating mortar that handles easily and contributes to better masonry construction at lower cost. Airentraining SUPER LIMOID® SA Lime complies with
ASTM C207, Type SA. Available in durable 3-ply,
weather-resistant 50-lb. bags.