Mortar offers a paste-like substance used to bind bricks in construction. It can be used to fill in gaps between brick and provides a soft and workable option that will become a hard concrete-like substance once it has set. Typically, mortar will be made of sand, cement, or lime and will be mixed with water....

Types of Mortar Mix

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we know you need different types of mortar for different projects. We carry several types you can use for any type of building project.

Type S Mortar

Our type S mortar offers a medium strength option perfect for using below-grade exterior walls. It can be used below the surface for a patio or another type of building project.

Type N Mortar

We also carry type N mortar, which is great as a general-purpose mortar. It's a medium-strength option to be used above grade exterior walls and it can also be used for interior projects. This type of mortar mix is great for semi-soft masonry because it provides more flexibility and doesn't crack as easily as other mortars.

We also offer several other concrete products including fast-setting concrete, sand/topping, and grout products. No matter the type of mortar mix or concrete product you need, we're here to help.

Brands of Mortar Mixes

We offer two top brands of mortar mixes including Lehigh and Quikrete. Our Lehigh masonry cement offers a Portland or blended cement with an air-entraining agent and plasticizers. It's designed to help protect the mortar from freeze-thaw damage and offers a great option for several types of building projects.

When you choose our Quikrete mason mixes, you get a commercial-grade product made of a pre-blended mixture of cement and sand. Quikrete mason mixes work great for several types of building projects and you can even add color to the mix.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer all the materials you need for your upcoming building project. When you need mortar mixes for your building project, we have the right option for you. Our Lehigh and Quikrete mixes provide top brands with high-quality mixes perfect for your next project.

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    DAP Gray Concrete & Mortar Filler & Sealer

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    Federal White Masonry Cement Type S

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    Federal White Portland Cement Type I

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    Graymont Super Limoid SA

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    Heat Stop-50 Mortar

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    Lehigh Masonry Cement Type N Mortar

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    Lehigh Masonry Cement Type S Mortar

  • Lehigh Portland Cement Type-I-II
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    Lehigh Portland Cement Type I-II

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    North American Adhesives Floor Set – Floor Tile Mortar

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    North American Adhesives Multi Flex Pro – Multipurpose Ceraminc Tile Mortar

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    NS Grout