Paver Technology – The Cambridge Vs. Nicolock Paver Edition

Cambridge and Nicolock Paver Technology

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Paver Technology – The Cambridge Vs. Nicolock Paver Edition

With modern construction undergoing rigorous technological advances, it comes as no surprise that paving stones are by no means left in the dust. With the development of paver technology, this comes as a new consideration when choosing the perfect paver for your project. 

In this article, we will look at two of the most innovative brands in the industry, Cambridge Pavers Vs. Nicolock Pavers. Each brand produces products with the latest paver tech to deliver economical value, durability, and remarkable luxury. As such, we will compare and contrast the unique ways that make both Cambridge and Nicolock Pavers so renowned in the industry.  

What Is ArmorTec By Cambridge Pavers?

Cambridge Pavers takes the original composition of a traditional paver and injects it with a super ingredient – ArmorTec. ArmorTec is a blend of iron oxide pigments which meets ASTM International Designation C-979-82. It is non-slip, robust, and high-quality. This paver technology is perfect for maintaining both the structure and aesthetic of each paving stone manufactured by Cambridge Pavers. The addition of ArmorTec completes the paver with a plane, compact surface. Over time, the paving stone will maintain its depth of color, as well as its structure. 

What is Paver Shield By Nicolock Pavers?

On the flip side of the coin, Nicolock Pavers employs a paver technology called Paver Shield. Like ArmorTec, iron oxide pigments are incorporated into the paver mixture to attain the final smooth, dense structure and aesthetic. By combining the paver technology components into the paver itself, as opposed to layering a final sealant at the end of the project, the quality of finish and longevity of the paver is enhanced dramatically. Furthermore, it means the paver is protected at all angles – a major benefit against competing brand products which rely on a temporary sealant.  

Paver Technology By Brand

Each of these brands are favorites of 9 Brothers Building Supply, so it’s impossible to say that one is ‘better’ than the other. However, each brand provides different behaviors of style, and it is in this context that you should consider which paver brand is more appropriate for your project. 

Cambridge Pavers uses paver technology to enhance its more traditional, stripped-back, robust approach to paving solutions. In contrast, Nicolock favors a refined, creative example, with design influences from authentic European paving features. In either case, each paving brand is superior to many competitors in the market, and this is largely down to the paver technology that is supplied. Click to take a look at all the Cambridge Pavers and Nicolock Pavers products 9 Brothers Building Supply has to offer, and discover your perfect paver solution today!