Outdoor Fireplaces Long Island: Luxury Options & Budget Choices

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Outdoor Fireplaces Long Island: Luxury Options & Budget Choices

The chilly weather returns every single year and you know it’s going to be time to stop going outside as much soon. With the right outdoor fireplace for your Long Island home, you can enjoy your outdoor living space longer.

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but it can get a bit chilly for sitting out on your patio. When winter hits, you’ll likely not want to be in the backyard at all, or very little. Why not extend the time you can use your Long Island outdoor space with a beautiful outdoor fireplace?

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor fireplace to fit your budget or you want a luxury, high-end option, we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at some of the best choices for both categories, along with what you should expect with the installation.

Luxury Outdoor Fireplaces in Long Island

If you’re not really concerned about your budget, choosing the right outdoor fireplace design becomes the most important factor. There are many great options to consider from top brand names, such as Cambridge, Nicolock, and Eldorado Stone.

The outdoor fireplaces from Nicolock offer a classic masonry look. You can choose from many different options and enjoy your outdoor area much longer each year. With the Nicolock Verona, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty and warmth of your outdoor fireplace in Long Island.

Another great option, if you want plenty of space for your cut wood is the Techo-Bloc Manchester Foyer. This outdoor fireplace provides a luxury look perfect for any patio area.

More Affordable Outdoor Fireplaces in Long Island

Maybe you have a specific budget in mind for your outdoor fireplace. There are many full-assembled options from Cambridge and stone veneer choices that won’t come at the same price for the installation.

With a fully assembled outdoor fireplace, you don’t have to worry about any cost for stone veneer or masonry work during the installation. These Cambridge outdoor fireplaces also offer optional waterfall/firewood box extensions. You can customize your outdoor fireplace to fit your design and budget.

Those seeking a very luxurious look without the cost of masonry during the installation might prefer a stone veneer outdoor fireplace. These fireplaces still require quite a bit of work to install, but they are not as labor-intensive as some options might be.

The Wilmington Gas Burning Fireplace from Eldorado Stone offers a great option. You’ll get a very luxurious look with a custom finish and beautiful arched openings. The fireplace can be finished with stone veneer over traditional block for an impressive look.

Another great option for those looking for simplicity is the Nicolock Clifrock Kalea Bay Fireplace. This outdoor fireplace will provide the perfect ambiance without the labor-intensive installation. It’s rather easy to set up making it a great choice for many outdoor areas in Long Island.

Installing an Outdoor Fireplace

Depending on the type of outdoor fireplace you choose, the installation can be rather labor-intensive. Some of these fireplaces will require skilled masonry work during the installation. Even with stone veneer options, you will likely need to hire a professional.

The fully-assembled options, however, offer an option without any need for masonry or stone veneer work during installation. As long as you have the proper concrete pad, these outdoor fireplaces can be easily installed with a bottom section, a top section, and the hearth.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide many great outdoor fireplace options in the Long Island area. Stop by one of our two locations in Riverhead or Brentwood today and we can help you choose the right outdoor fireplace for your needs.

or keep scrolling to see our recommendations and delve into the world of Outdoor Fireplaces!

MOST APPEALING: Fully Assembled Fireplaces

Best Outdoor Fireplaces Long Island

Cambridge Fully-Assembled Outdoor Fireplace With Optional Waterfall/Firewood Box Combination Extensions

As the name implies – the Cambridge Fully Assembled Outdoor Fireplace, comes…fully assembled! The ease and simplicity of this selection with an optional gas insert  or traditional wood burning hearth is a choice for many. Paired with the optional side boxes and waterfalls, this fireplace is an amazing sight. There is NO stone veneer or masonry work required to install.

After your concrete pad has been poured, simply place the bottom section in position, stack the top section onto the bottom, slip in the hearth (the piece that extends from the floor of the firebox), and you are ready to sit back and enjoy a crackling, wood fire right on your patio. Made of Cambridge Olde English Wall™ with a Cambridge Bullnose hearth, mantle and chimney top, the Fully Assembled 3-Pc. Outdoor Fireplace is delivered to your home in a choice of two popular color combinations. It comes complete with a stainless steel chimney liner, termination cap, spark screen, even a log grate, and features an array of other eye-pleasing characteristics.

Weight: 11,500 Lbs.
Width with boxes: 10.66 Ft. (127 7/8″)
Width without boxes: 4.99 Ft. (59 7/8″)
Depth: 4.66 Ft. (55 7/8″)
Height: 8.46 Ft. (101 1/2″)

View this item on Cambridgepavers.com

Other Fully Assembled Fireplaces

CLASSIC MASONRY: Valuable fireplaces

Mini Verona Fireplace

Nicolock Verona & Verona Mini Fireplaces

A long time Long Island paver brand, Nicolock, offers a traditional outdoor fireplace with all of the valuable bells and whistles you would expect in a masonry built fireplace. With it’s longevity guarantees, and stainless mesh spark screens – the Nicolock Verona and Verona mini Fireplaces offer much more value with a traditional feel. It’s beautiful looks and true fireplace characteristics make the Nicolock verona a popular choice. It also pairs well with Nicolock’s Verona Pizza oven and integrates well with Nicolock’s paver lines since it is offered in a multitude of 10 paver colors. After all, it can easily be integrated into a Nicolock project or mesh well with your existing outdoor living space giving that natural fireplace feel.

Contains everything you need to construct this stunning fireplace:

Includes Verona wall, 36″ stainless steel fireplace insert with flue pipe, stainless mesh spark screens, solid stainless log grate, 4 concrete lintels, and decorative concrete cast surround with medallion.


Weight: Not Available
Width: 7 Ft. 8″ (92″)
Depth: 3 Ft. 8″ (44″)
Height: 9 Ft. 4″ (112″)

Weight: 7,720 Lbs.
Width: 4 Ft. (48″)
Depth: 3 Ft. 4″ (28″)
Height: 7 Ft. (84″)

View the Verona or the Mini-Verona on Nicolock.com


Techo-Bloc Manchester Foyer

The outdoor season just got a little longer. The Foyer from Techo-Bloc brings the luxury and warm comfort of a fireplace to the outdoors. Built with Techo-Bloc concrete products and engineered to contain and withstand wood-burning fire-generated heat, the Foyer was designed to perfectly match Techo-Bloc’s collection of hardscape products. Offered in both Shale Grey and Chestnut Brown, these Techo-Bloc signature colors were strategically chosen because of their color nuances; facilitating color coordination with your landscape and the exterior of your home. On the practical side, the Foyer outdoor fireplace allows for extended use of your outdoor space well into the chilly late evenings and autumn months. Manchester is part of the dry cast collection.


Weight: Not Available
Width: 10 Ft. 5″ (125″)
Depth: 3 Ft. 7″ (43″)
Height: 8 Ft. 3/4″ (96.75″)

View the Manchester Foyer Fireplace on Techo-Bloc.com

eldorado stone

Eldorado Stone Wilmington Gas Burning Fireplace

If you like the idea of stone veneer over traditional block, this gas powered fireplace marries valuable custom finish into a beautiful design. The Wilmington Fireplace features architectural touches such as an arched opening and cantilevered mantel for an elegance. Delivered complete with a scratch-coat surface, the Wilmington can be finished for an impressive custom masonry appearance.

Weight: Not Available
Width: 10 Ft. 5″ (68″)
Depth: 5 Ft. 8″ (37″)
Height: 6 Ft. 9″ (81″)

View the Wilmington Gas Burning Fireplace on EldoradoStone.com

MODERN & CLEAN: Stone Veneer Fireplaces

eldorado stone

Sherwood Wood Burning Fireplace

A design statement, this larger Sherwood fireplace can be dressed with any stone and accessories to complement and enhance your outdoor living space. It does not come with the stone and can be completely customized with any choice of Eldorado Stone’s stone veneer. The Sherwood Fireplace creates a focal point in your open air conversation setting while providing the warmth and pleasant crackle of burning wood.

Width: 8 Ft. (96″)
Depth: 3 Ft. 11″ (47″)
Height: 7 Ft. 9″ (93″)

View the Sherwood on EldoradoStone.com


Nicolock Kalea Bay Fireplace

If you love simplicity, with an easy setup, and a clean look this fireplace may be the one for you! An outdoor fireplace provides an element of elegance, ambiance and function. Perfect for entertaining or when you desire a place to retreat, relax and reconnect. Available in single-sided and see-through configurations.

Weight: Not Available
Width: 7 Ft. (84″)
Depth: 1 Ft. 8″ (20″)
Height: 3 Ft. 6″ (42″)

View the Kalea Bay on Nicolock.com