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An outdoor patio is easier to keep tidy when the surface is clad with a beautiful and durable outdoor flooring material. Concrete patio stones and outdoor stone slabs are an ideal solution to any outdoor living area. Suitable for light pedestrian traffic, slabs can be small & uniform, or over-sized & modular. With a variety of shapes, textures, colors, dimensions and styles to choose from, Techo-Bloc makes choosing the right slab for your patio easy. For design ideas or product samples, contact us , your local stone supplier by completing the form on this page. Ask about Techo-Bloc’s outdoor slab collection. The Techo-Bloc Flagstone slab is a mosaic of carefully sculpted stone which appears to be the work of a highly skilled stonework mason. Its natural stone look comes from its random pattern where no two stones seem to be alike. If you’re looking for a local paving stone installer, we can provide you with a good reference for a landscape contractor in the local area.

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  • Buy Testosterone Uk Online

    The Flagstone slab is a mosaic of carefully sculpted stone which appears to be the work of a highly skilled stonework mason. Its natural stone look comes from its random pattern where no two stones seem to be alike. By manipulating the carvings on the surface of each unit, we have created a multitude of shapes and sizes without affecting the productivity of installation; granting you with all the glory of a natural-stone look without the exorbitant installation costs.