What is Egress? – Egress Windows in New York

Egress Windows in New York

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What is Egress? – Egress Windows in New York

When you work with windows in New York, the windows have to meet specific requirements due to the New York State egress window code. This state code has to do with making sure an inhabitant can exit from a basement living space during an emergency. You want to make sure your windows meet the New York State basement egress window requirements.

What is the Egress Window Code in New York State?

The code states the following:

Windows have to be openable from inside the basement without the need for a tool, key, or special knowledge.

  • If the basement contains more than one sleeping room, egress is required for each sleeping room.
  • An unobstructed opening with at least 5.7 square feet is necessary.
  • The width of the clear opening has to be at least 20-inches, while the height must be 24-inches.
  • There must be a sill height of no more than 44 inches above the floor.
  • If you have a sill height that is below grade, you will need a window well.
  • If a window well is required, it has to be at least nine square feet and in an area with a horizontal projection and a width of at least three feet.
  • If you have a window well that is deeper than 44 inches, you will need a permanent ladder or steps that don’t interfere with the opening of the window

What are Egress Windows?

Egress windows are windows that allow you to leave your home. They open out and also help to provide natural light in a basement-dwelling. If an emergency happens, these windows allow those inside the building’s basement to get out safely. Egress windows come in multiple types including casement and window wells.

When dealing with a basement-dwelling, egress windows in New York will be necessary. Make sure you follow the building codes properly.