Types Of Pavers and Slabs: Using them for Driveways or Pedestrians

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Types Of Pavers and Slabs: Using them for Driveways or Pedestrians

When you’re ready to create a new driveway, walkway, or patio, you need the right types of pavers. Getting the best pavers will make a difference. Let’s compare pavers and slabs and look at the different materials you can choose from.

Paver Vs Slabs

You can get pavers in many different styles, sizes, and with different technologies. They can fit together to create the design you prefer.

With slabs, you have to get the right thickness if you want to use them for any type of load-bearing structure, such as a driveway. You will also have fewer design options to choose from.

Pavers are often smaller than slabs. Typically, slabs are not used for driveways because they take up a lot of surface space.

Manufactured VS Natural Stone

You can choose manufactured pavers and get a very specific look from this material. These pavers come with different technologies, such as:

  • ArmorTec from Cambridge
  • EnduraColor from Unilock
  • PaverShield from Nicolock

These technologies can provide several advantages for your project.

With natural stone pavers, you get stones taken directly from the mountains. These are very popular pavers in NYC and Long Island with many different brands to choose from including 9Brothers and MSI.

Types of Pavers We Carry

  • Bluestone – Offered in Blue-Blue or Full-Color
  • Belgian Block/Cobble StoneJumbo is offered for in-ground or horizontal application with the original salt and pepper color
  • Irregular Flagstone from MSI – In several colors including Buffalo Grey Quartzite, California Gold Slate, Cameron Sandstone, Fossil Rustic Sandstone, Golden White Quartzite, Pennsylvania Blue Sandstone, and Sonoran Gold Quartzite.
  • 9 Brothers Flagstone – In several colors including Autumn Blown, Bluestone, Brown Wave, Castle Grey, and Rainbow.
  • MSI Natural Limestone – In Freska, Monaco, and Pearl colors.
  • MSI Natural Marble – In Aegean Pearl, Atlantic Blue, Silver Leaf, and Tundra Gray colors.
  • MSI Natural Sandstone – In Bluestone, Fossil Rustic Hand Cut, Mountain Bluestone, and Nova Gray colors.
  • MSI Natural Slate – In Golden Leaf Travertine and Montauk Black colors.
  • Travertine from Nicolock, Techo Bloc, and MSI – In many different colors ranging from Golden Brown to Gironde to Golden Leaf.

We also carry manufactured pavers from several brands including Cambridge, Nicolock, Unilock, and Techo-Bloc. These pavers come in a variety of colors.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we do carry slabs in different sizes, treads, and colors, as well. If they are thick enough, they can be used for driveways.