Best Pavers of 2020

Techo-Bloc Aquastorm Paver for driveway

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Best Pavers of 2020

From patios to walkways, selecting the best pavers for your project takes a matter of consideration. There are so many brands that offer fantastic paving solutions for diverse applications. So what is the best paver for your project in 2020? Let’s take a look at some of our favorites. 


The Nicolock Cobblestone is a great option when you require versatility. Through its octagonal shape, the Cobblestone can be used in all manner of projects to create particular paving shapes and designs. Not only is it an effective all-rounder, but it also has a distinctive European expression, which sets it aside as one of the best pavers in 2020. 

The Nicolock Cobblestone Paver

Alternatively, for a project demanding a more consecutive style, the Nicolock Plank Paver will not only offer a practical structure, but also promises to inject a unique modern aesthetic into any paver project.  

Nicolock Plank Paver


For more robust project requirements, our recommendation would be the Cambridge 6 x 6. It’s thickset and sturdy aesthetic makes it a fantastic option for paver projects that need to supply a level of support to weight, such as driveways. 

Cambridge 6 x 6 paver

Or, for a more contemporary design, check out the RoundTable Random Design Kit. The Cambridge RoundTable Random Design Kit is perfect for paving projects that desire more spontaneity and irregularity in appearance.    

RoundTable Random Design Kit


Unilock is one of our favorite brands for offering a level of exclusivity to paving projects, the Mattoni EnduraColor Paver in particular. This gorgeous example of paving promises to set your project aside for its contemporary blend with Roman-style aesthetics. Perfect for a pool! 

Mattoni EnduraColor Paver

Conversely, take a look at Westport Classic for a paver that provides a more traditional approach to your project. Its rough gridlock design gives it both a rugged and structures appeal. 

Unilock Westport Classic


For a more avant-garde approach to your paving project aesthetic, consider the Techo-Bloc Aquastorm Paver, one of the best pavers of 2020. It blends practicality with style, making it a great option for driveways. The eco-friendly properties of this paver brings it right into 2020, and its fierce style serves only to accentuate this. 

Techo-Bloc Aquastorm Paver

Perhaps you are looking for the best paver for incorporating brightness and consistency into your project. In this instance, the Allegro Pavers option is perfect – the lighter tones and cobblestone effect generates a traditional feel that enhances your paving project.   

Unilock Allegro Pavers

Which Is The Best Paver For You?

While these are some of our particular favorites, the choice you ultimately make must reflect your style and paver project functions. If you would like more inspiration, click here to view all the paver brands and designs we offer at 9Brothers Building Supply!