Stunning Patio Ideas and Backyard Transformations for 2020

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Stunning Patio Ideas and Backyard Transformations for 2020

Patio Ideas and Backyard Transformations for 2020


Although it’s still fairly cold out, summer is indeed right around the corner. With that in mind, many people are already looking for ways to upgrade their homes to be ready for the season of outdoor fun. When it comes to home summer renovations, of course, the patio and backyard are two of the most common places homeowners look to upgrade first.


To help you as you plan to make some possibly much-needed renovations to your home, we at 9 Brothers Building Supply are here to help. Below you’ll find some great examples and ideas of patio and backyard transformations to pull inspiration from––just in time for the summer season to come.

#1: Add coziness to your patio with a fire bowl


Sure, fire pits are a great addition to any patio. But if you really want to add some magazine-worthy flair to your patio scape, why not opt for a fire bowl instead? Unlike a fire pit, you can place a fire bowl wherever you need it to be––it’s portable. You can opt for a softer round fire bowl––such as this Mezzaluna Fire Bowl––or you can opt for a minimal square fire bowl––such as this Bloc Fire Bowl. Both great options and are made by Eldorado Stone.


#2: Upgrade your flooring with patio pavers


For many homes, the patio flooring is rather simple, being made of either wood or solid concrete. If you really want to upgrade your patio’s appeal and aesthetic, then arguably one of the best upgrades you can make is to change your patio flooring to patio pavers instead.


Patio pavers, simply called “pavers” in many cases, are small pieces of brick, stone, or another material that are laid on the ground to create the flooring. Due to the unique shapes and patterns of the paver materials used, pavers add almost instant appeal and uniqueness to your patio.


If you’re going for a more natural or rustic look, Cambridge’s Nor Stone patio pavers are a sure bet. For a more elegant appeal, try the brand’s Diamond-cut pavers in the onyx colorway.


#3: Show off your grill-master skills with an outdoor kitchen


If there’s anything that never fails to bring people together, its food (why do you think the kitchen is the most-frequented room in any home?). So why not bring the joy of food and togetherness to your outdoor backyard and/or patio setup?


Especially if you’re a grill fanatic, adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard setup is a no brainer. They’re spacious, durable, and extremely useful, helping you to prepare and cook foods that you otherwise couldn’t make in your indoor kitchen.

There are many different styles of outdoor kitchens, so find one that meets your taste and needs. Nicolock’s Verona Outdoor Kitchen is a powerhouse, providing all you would need in an outdoor kitchen. If you prefer to keep it simple, the Verona Grill Island may just be everything you need and more.


#4: Opt for pergolas for an unconfined lounge area


Pergolas are a style of roofing for patios that are truly unique. Unlike a traditional ceiling that completely blocks out the sun, pergolas boast a lattice/crossbeam construction, providing a bit of shade while still allowing the warmth of the sunlight to enter through.


Especially if you want to make a smaller space appear larger, pergolas are a great option. You can even train some climbing plants to grow and weave throughout the structure for even greater appeal. Nicolock offers pergolas that are extremely durable and appealing.


Over to you


So there you have it-––these four ideas for backyard and patio upgrades will help to truly transform your outdoor living area into a comfortable, stylish, and enjoyable setting that is sure to be your family’s favorite place to hang out. And if you’re looking for materials to start on your outdoor renovation project, 9 Brothers is at your service.


Stop by one of our two store locations––Brentwood and Riverhead––to see and feel these and more products in person. We’re always happy to help. In fact, we guarantee that you’ll receive great service that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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