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Steel Tex Supplied By 9Brothers

Steel tex, also known as pool wire, is a heavy-duty paper-backed steel mesh applied in the construction of ground embedded swimming pools. Its purpose is to provide a robust reinforced waterproof layer between the cavity and the new swimming pool. It is also a fantastic economical solution as it restricts the amount of concrete waste. Steel tex, or pool wire, is an extra layer of security and ensures the integrity of the in-ground pool maintains for decades to come.

How Is Steel Tex Manufactured?

Steel tex is manufactured into a securely-fastened mesh of cold-drawn, galvanized, welded steel wires. The result is an incredibly solid and heavy-duty waterproof lining. It is coated in wax. The affixed kraft paper layer is reinforced by a composite of glass fibers and cloth woven from complex PVC flat threads for enhanced durability. Steel tex weighs 155 165g/m².

Why Use Steel Tex For Swimming Pool Construction?

While Steel tex offers high-level robustness, it is also extremely flexible – critical for swimming pool construction. The application of a Steel tex Pool Mesh leaves you with the assurance that no matter which in-ground pool design you have in mind, the completed results will be strong and lasting.

In addition, when your pool endures gunite buildup, Steel tex is durable against cleaning products and tools.

How Is Steel Tex Supplied By 9Brothers?

Our wire swimming pool mesh lining is supplied in rolls 48” wide and 125’ long, and manufactured to cover a 500m² area. The Steel tex we supply is either 16- or 12-gauge electrically galvanized welded mesh, and is available for pickup and delivery to all of Long Island and NYC.   

While Steel tex pool wire is generally used as a concrete reinforcing product in the construction of excavated swimming pools, it is also a fantastic product for alternative applications such as miniature golf courses or stucco framing.

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