Product Catalog

9 Brothers Building Supply is your source for construction products that we select for reliability and quality. We carry commercial-grade construction products that are harder to find than your local depot store.

  • Monarch – Quarry View

    The appearance of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Durable, one piece construction. Multi-Layered fiberglass mesh and resin for strength combined with a visually appealing interior show surface. Built in steps for easy escape and egress requirements.

  • Monarch – Stif Back II Window Well

    Designed to withstand the pressure from heavy clay/soil and aggressiveback filling.Superior strength due to deep corrugation.Available to fit 4′ and 5′ wide picture window applications for both frame and wall mount Single piece (up to 72″ high) prevents separation

  • Monarch Products- Premier V Bucko

    “Great looks and energy efficiency meet ease of installation.
    Sash installed in all units.”

  • Monarch Products- Premier V Vinyl Hopper

    Energy Star Rated with low-E & argon fill option.
    Sash and screen are pre-installed.
    Window to hinges inward to provide extra light and ventilation.

  • Monarch Products- Premier Vinyl Vent

    Pour in place system Available in nominal and full wall widths Available with two vent insert options: Manually operated, easy to open vinyl vent insert – opens from outside Thermostatically controlled vinyl vent insert – vent automatically opens at 70° F and closes at 40° F.

  • Foundation Vents steel-vent

    Monarch Products-Steel Vent

    System available in a variety of wall widths – easily installed in poured concrete or concrete block walls without modification Welded frame for maximum structural strength and rigidity Vent opens and closes with ease, allowing ventilation in any season Insert constructed aluminum with aluminum screen