The right house bricks and building bricks are often necessary for any masonry project. From concrete bricks to fire bricks, we carry all types of options. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer Glen-Gery bricks, which are known as some of the best house bricks and building bricks in the entire industry....

Finding the right bricks for your design makes a big difference. With high-quality bricks, you can complete your masonry project, whether it's building an entire home or completing a hardscape for a client.

Basic Bricks We Offer

We provide two types of basic house bricks and building bricks you can use for your project. Our concrete bricks offer an 8000-psi state-approved brick. It's available by the pallet.

We also offer fire bricks. These bricks are clay fire bricks, which are used for fireboxes, fireplaces, furnaces, and kilns.

Glen-Gery Bricks We Carry

A top brand for bricks, we offer several types of Glen-Gery bricks. These range from a very traditional red brick look to a more weathered look. Whether you're building a house or creating a beautiful walkway, these bricks are some of the best you will find.

We carry the 52DD, Danish, Lorraine White, 900 RED MATT, and 200 Flashed Matt options from Glen-Gery.

Watsontown Bricks We Carry

Another great brand you can choose from is the Watsontown Bricks. There are several great options from this brand including Belvidere, Bristol, Acadia, Arlington, Bison, Burgundy, and many others from this brand.

These bricks offer the classic red look, a white look, and many other looks in between. Even the Scarsdale bricks offer a darker look from Watsontown Brick. No matter the type of coloring you're looking for, we have the right house bricks and building bricks.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide plenty of house bricks and building bricks for you to use for your masonry project. Our team is ready to help you at both of our NYC-area locations. When you need the right bricks or any other masonry product, stop by our locations in Brentwood and Riverhead and let us help you.