Wall Stones

  • StoneCraft- LedgeStone Profiles

    Ledgestone ranges from approximately 1″”–5″” in height and 5″”–21″” in length. Installed in a dry-stack application the stones stack tightly together horizontally as the varying stone depths create intriguing shadow play.

    1″”–5″” X 5″”–21″”

    Profile Shown in BuckTown LedgeStone

  • StoneCraft- Top Rock Profiles

    The sandstone appearance with its low profile face allows light to emphasize the colors inherent within each stone. Top Rock ranges from 2″”–20″” in height and 5″”–25″” in length.

    2″”–20″” X 5″”–25″”

    Profile Shown In Warm Springs Top Rock