Most people know that textiles refer to the fabric. While geotextiles are fabric, they are not intended for the same purpose as other types of fabric. Instead, geotextiles are used to help with soil stability and to control erosion. When you need the right geotextiles for your landscaping project, we've got you covered....

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide geotextiles perfect to help with controlling erosion and maintaining soil stability. Think of it as a textile worn by the Earth.

How Geotextiles are Used

A geotextile is designed to improve or manage the soil. It's usually used in the agricultural industry and can also be used in landscaping. Since these textiles help to hold the ground together, they can work well for ground that will be trampled by animals.

Geotextile can act as a synthetic root to help provide a stable base for new plants as they grow. They can also be used to help with eroding river systems, with homes and businesses, on hillsides, and anywhere soil needs a bit of stabilization.

It's common for geotextiles to be used for separation in the construction of roads or as a filtration option in a soil system. They can also be used for reinforcement and sealing.

Types of Geotextiles

There are several types of geotextiles to choose from when you need to keep erosion under control. Woven geotextile fabric is made with a similar technique to clothing. On the other hand, non-woven geotextiles provide a manufactured option from short-stable fiber or steady filament yarn. Thermal, mechanical, or chemical bonding is used in the process and the thickens can be up to 3 mm.

Knitted geotextiles are also available, which offer a manufactured option with interlocking as the main technique. These geotextiles are combined with geosynthetics and provide unique characteristics.

With the right geotextiles, you gain a lighter option compared to other products and higher tear strength. When they are properly installed, they can provide many benefits for your projects.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply in NYC, we offer geotextiles in both of our Long Island locations. Top by today and let us help you choose the right products for your needs.

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