The most important thing in construction is safety! We stock the most conventional commercial safety supplies that you wouldn’t find at your local depot store.

  • Protective Gear

    Protective Gear

    4 Products

  • Safety Orange Fence

    Safety Orange Fence

    1 Products

  • Boots

    5-buckle and slush construction boots available.

  • First Aid Kits

    Accidents can happen at any moment on the job, so having first aid kits on hand is paramount for the safety of all workers. We have first aid kits available so that you can be prepared for anything.

  • Hard Hats

    Protect your noggin with our selection of hard hats for use in the construction industry.

  • Rain Gear

    No one likes to be soaking wet in a downpour; however work must continue in the rain for some projects. Come by and see our protective work rain gear!

  • Safety Orange Fence

    Safety orange fence is most widely used in the construction industry and is required by law and insurance on construction projects. Use this safety orange fence to surround anywhere that can threaten people and keep pedestrians out for both parties sake.