Unilock Masonry Columns

Unilock masonry columns, with contemporary and sleek lines define Lineo Dimensional Stone with a linear multi-length plank look. Ideal for garden walls, pillars, other outdoor vertical elements, Lineo Dimensional Stone offers up modern design and exceptional flexibility. Lineo is not a retaining wall. Lineo is a decorative landscape wall, with a typical height of 12″ – 16″ above grade. (Higher walls are possible when engineered by a professional engineer.) In many cases, experienced installers are able to construct higher walls based on the actual design of the project or landscape feature. For example, designs containing 90 degree corners, box-like planters, hollow pillars and landscape features such as grill islands, can be successfully constructed to higher heights. We strive to make the exterior of your home beautiful, while also adding an outdoor living space perfect for entertaining family and friends for years to come.

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COVID-19 Essential Businesses New York

COVID-19 Essential Businesses New York

Update 6/17/20

Essentially, we will not be coming into contact with clients.

Our stores are open for business. We are allowing customers inside, but we ask that you please wear a mask - and follow social distancing guidelines. We would love to help.

If you have any questions, please ask. We urge you to visit NY Governor Cuomo’s Issues Guidance on Essential Business List.