Unilock Driveway Aprons

The selection of Unilock driveway aprons, such as the new new Tribeca Cobble pavers, have the look of the beautiful imported granite cobble stones used in North America’s streets for centuries. A natural cobble appearance, dimensional accuracy, along with an EnduraColor Plus finish, makes Tribeca an excellent choice for your project. Only Unilock offers EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes. These products set a new standard for everlasting beauty thanks to proprietary blends of some of nature’s highest performing minerals such as granite and quartz, combined with manufacturing technologies that are exclusive to Unilock. EnduraColor products are manufactured in a two-step process which combines a base of coarser aggregates for a stronger foundation, with concentrated color and wear-resistant finer aggregates on top. EnduraColor products are highly resistant to fading because the top layer prevents large, lighter color aggregates from showing through. Each cobble is uniquely formed to closely resemble authentic European cobblestones. This pavement is also de-icing salt resistant, and can withstand harsh climates.

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