Techo-Bloc Patio Edges & Coping

Designing an outdoor space goes beyond cladding the ground with something beautiful; it’s about creating depth and dimension with the use of vertical elements. Retaining wall systems are built with interlocking concrete blocks and can be used to build and frame raised patios and stairways, construct stately pillars, bridge gaps between levels, support garden beds and act as a retaining system against land erosion. With many colors, dimensions, textures, and styles available, Techo-Bloc has a collection of garden wall stones for every application. Many of Techo-Bloc’s outdoor wall stones and interlocking retaining walls mimick natural stone walls as well as modern wall brick designs. Ask about Techo-Bloc patio edges & coping, retaining walls, and stone blocks. If you’re looking for a local installer or landscape contractor, we can provide you with a good reference for a landscape contractor in the local area.


COVID-19 Essential Businesses New York
COVID-19 Essential Businesses New York

Update 6/17/20

Essentially, we will not be coming into contact with clients.

Our stores are open for business. We are allowing customers inside, but we ask that you please wear a mask - and follow social distancing guidelines. We would love to help.

If you have any questions, please ask. We urge you to visit NY Governor Cuomo’s Issues Guidance on Essential Business List.