Paver Patio Ideas and Inspiration: Bordering and Accenting

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Paver Patio Ideas and Inspiration: Bordering and Accenting

Creating a new or remodeling an old patio means you need the right paver patio ideas. From paver designs to choosing the right color, there are plenty of decisions to be made.

There are several excellent stone selections offering a variety of colors, sizes, styles, textures, and patterns. Choosing the right pavers for your bordering and accenting will bring your entire design together. Let’s look at some of the best backyard paver ideas for your patio design.

Adding a Border to Your Patio Paver Design

It’s common, with a flagstone paver installation to choose no border, but many paver patio ideas feature a border. Whether the border is created with an accent color, a different pattern, or both, it’s a great way to make your patio stand out.

There are several paver designs for your border. Here are a couple of common choices.


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The soldier border is commonly seen around swimming pools. Rectangle pavers are lined up like soldiers standing at the ready.

A good example of this paver patio idea is the Nicolock – Cobblestone. This paver design features octagonal pavers and small square pavers with a soldier border around the swimming pools.

Another good example of a soldier border, without a swimming pool, is seen with the Techo-Bloc – Victorien Paver. This modern rick road offers a pathway example of using the soldier patio border design.

Paver Banding

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While paver banding offers a border paver patio idea, it’s not just a border. It splits a patio not sections with a banding around the outside of each section. Typically, this style of patio border uses a bold color compared to the colors of the patio.

The Nicolock – Belgium Cobble shows an example of paver banding but also shows how texture can be used to create an incredible patio paver accent design.

Using Colored Pavers as an Accent

Accent colors are also seen in many backyard paver ideas. By mixing and matching the right colors, it’s possible to create a beautiful finishing touch to your patio design.

Paver Designs

Maybe you designed your patio with mainly charcoal/brown/cream pavers. Adding a solid charcoal-colored accented border is an interesting way to frame your patio.

The Unilock – Mattoni EnduraColor Paver shows a unique design with an accent color border. While the outer border matches the main pavers, the inner border is a dark charcoal color providing an accent for the entire design.

Paver Design Ideas

Accents can also be used within the actual patio design. Adding a few solid-colored pavers provides a unique way to make your patio pop with color.

Another paver patio idea for using color as an accent is seen in the Unilock – Senzo EnduraColor Plus Paver. With both darker and lighter colors, this paver design alternates colors for a beautiful contemporary design.

When designing the perfect patio for your property, the right paver patio ideas can help inspire you. Adding a border might be just what your paver design needs or maybe an accent color makes it stand out. Both provide excellent ways to create a beautiful design for your backyard patio.