How to choose stones for Masonry – 5 Rules For Outdoor Masonry Projects

How to choose stones for masonry

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How to choose stones for Masonry – 5 Rules For Outdoor Masonry Projects

How do you choose the perfect scheme of a patio or walkway to go with your home? How to choose stones for masonry: there are quite a few things to think about; although you might just want to choose what color compliments your idea of a perfect hardscape. Hardscapes are basically anything outdoors that involves adding stone to enhance the look and increase the value of your yard. With our experience since 1980, 9 Brothers has been innovating with the latest products in outdoor designs for modern and traditional looks. So let’s get straight to the point of how to choose stones for masonry projects you have coming!

  1. Choose a color that compliments, but not contradicts the property
    It’s easy to love a color; but when we think about it, we try to suggest what will compliment the property and add actual value to it. If your home is a darker gray or black color, natural blue stone would look best with your property. Bluestone is considered a universal stone that has a medium range value with high results. It’s comfortable to walk on and easy to clean with tons of shaping options. It’s also a hard, but fragile stone that can chip away easily.
  2. High maintenance or low maintenance?
    Most stones and pavers require regular maintenance since they are prone to weather conditions; extreme in some cases. For a low maintenance stone, choose natural stone, that is less porous and can easily be sealed and power washed. If you prefer a more structured appearance with a clean look, paver bricks are your choice. Paving stones are usually cut and shaped to lay the stones in an array of patterns or a straight grid for a sleek appearance.
  3. Natural Stone or Manufactured Stone?
    If you’re wondering the difference between the two; natural stone is taken straight from the mountains via explosives and shaped by hand or machine. These rocks are not created in a factory and have a much higher value than manufactured stone. Manufactured stone allows for the similar qualities of natural stone, but with a plethora of options in colors, shapes, and sizes. Manufactured stone usually creates the perfect look; however the value of the rock is not the same. Modern manufactured stone is not too distinguishable from natural stone, and can pass off as valuable stones. Natural stone also weathers less compared to manufactured stone. Doing yearly maintenance by pressure washing all stones and sealing them will make them last an indefinite amount of time if installed properly.
  4. Choose stones to compliment an area
    If you want to delegate separate areas around the yard, great! We carry a ton of selections from different brands so that you can easily create a ‘seamless’ backyard experience without losing out on unique areas of your design. We make it easy; as a distributor of our brands, you can order from multiple channels and have your stones delivered together for your outdoor project. With choices like Cambridge, Nicolock, Unilock, and Techo-Bloc, and more, you’re sure to find what you always imagined!
  5. Check your masonry contractor’s experience
    Hiring the wrong masonry contractor can lead to unexpected short term failures of your expensive project. A contractor should know what makes your masonry project last for years to come. You don’t want stones coming loose, sinking, dislodged, or getting broken because of the wrong bed under the masonry. We have seen cases where coping stones have not been installed properly around a pool, and steps nearby. This caused calcium to run down all of the concrete seams into an expensive swimming pool, costing the customer nearly the same amount they paid for a new construction 2 years prior! Please, hire reputable masonry contractors, or we can recommend one!

We hope these tips on how to choose stones for masonry will help you in choosing 9 Brothers Building Supply as your masonry supply for your next project! We love transforming thousands of backyards one day at a time with our expansive collection of unique stones!