Construction Concrete Compounds and Concrete Chemicals

Concrete Compounds Concrete Chemicals

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Construction Concrete Compounds and Concrete Chemicals

Construction Concrete Compounds and Concrete Chemicals

Taking on a building project that includes concrete means you will need the right concrete compounds and concrete chemicals for the project. There are many different options you will want to consider. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry the concrete compounds and concrete chemicals you need, no matter the project.

Different projects call for different concrete compounds and chemicals. When you’re looking for the top brands and best options, we have them. Sometimes, you need something rather specific. Our team will help you get just what you need for any concrete project. Let’s look at the different types of concrete compounds and concrete chemicals we offer throughout the NYC and Long Island area.

Concrete Compounds

Our concrete compounds fall into two categories: Concrete Epoxy and Self-Leveling Caulk. When you need the right concrete compounds for your project, we have just what you need.

We are the ONLY W.R. Meadows Products Supplier on Long Island.

Concrete Epoxy

When you use the right concrete epoxy, it can provide you with several benefits. You can get the durable surface you need that can withstand plenty of foot traffic. It can work far better than floor paint and also makes the surface easier to clean. Concrete epoxy is a very versatile concrete compound.

You can install concrete epoxy quickly. It can also give you a unique look and can offer a good choice when you need to anchor railing into a brick column. There are many uses for concrete epoxy and we carry just what you need.

The concrete epoxy products we carry include:

  • Epoxy Spray Paint – Get the factory-like finish you need from our epoxy spray paint.
  • Sika AnchorFix – The right high-strength anchoring adhesive for your concrete project comes from Sika.
  • Sika Sikadur-32 Hi-Mod – A high-strength epoxy bonding agent you can use for bonding and grouting.
  • Simpson All Weather Epoxy – A fast-curing, high-strength anchoring adhesive made for all weather situations.
  • Simpson Epoxy Adhesive – Use this anchoring adhesive when you want a reliable Made in the USA option for your concrete project.
  • W.R. Meadows Intralock Bonding Agent – This proven polymeric epoxy offers the right options for bonding and anchoring.
  • Weld Crete – When you need to bond existing concrete and new concrete, this is the epoxy product for you.

We carry all the right concrete epoxy products you need for your next concrete project.

Self-Leveling Caulk

A type of caulk that is made of polyurethane sealant, self-leveling caulk provides just what you need for your concrete project. It’s a premium-grade type of sealant that cures faster and provides the best option for sealing horizontal expansion joints.

When you use self-leveling caulk, it will fill in the horizontal joint. After it has been applied, it will spread out and flatten within the joint. This type of caulk will give you a better seal and help keep things out of the space found between the concrete.

Self-leveling caulk can make it easier to clean and it helps to protect your concrete. The caulk also offers strength within the joint and provides one of the best options used to fill in gaps, cracks, and joints.

We carry a variety of self-leveling caulk to choose from for your project. Our self-leveling caulk options include:

  • Phenoseal – A very versatile type of vinyl adhesive caulk from Phenoseal, this option is used for bonding, caulking, and sealing.
  • PL Premium – A premium self-leveling caulk from Loctite, PL Premium offers more strength.
  • Red Devil Silicone – A 100% silicone caulk, this self-leveling caulk is an excellent adhesive.
  • Sika SikaFlex Self-Leveling Joint Sealant – A very popular self-leveling caulk made for limestone, SikaFlex offers a very strong option.

There are many good reasons to use self-leveling caulk for your concrete project. We carry the right options for any project and our team will help you choose the best concrete compounds for your needs.

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Concrete Chemical

With many concrete projects, it’s necessary to get the right concrete chemicals to finish the project properly. The right curing and sealing liquids are necessary for many different types of projects. You may also need concrete release agents when you’re working on a stamped concrete project.

We carry both of these concrete chemicals you need. Let’s look a bit closer at both categories and the products we offer in each.

Curing and Sealing Liquids

When you need to seal portions of your concrete project or you need the right curing liquids, we have just what you need. Our products for curing and sealing concrete include:

  • Kaufman Products – We carry Kaufman products for curing and sealing concrete including form release.
  • Max Fill Expanding Sealant – A foam product that expands and seals, you get three times the expansion with this concrete sealing liquid.
  • Sika Level-01 Primer Plus – A one-component primer that works for absorbent substrates, this Sika product offers a curing liquid for concrete.
  • Sika – Sikaflex – 15LM Limestone – A caulking type of concrete project used to fill in gaps, and cracks, and for sealing.
  • W.R. Meadows – 1100 Curing Compound – A resin-based product for concrete curing.
  • W.R. Meadows – CS-309-25 OTC Sealer – A non-yellowing acrylic curing and sealing compound to help protect concrete.
  • W.R. Meadows – VOCOMP 20 – A water-based, acrylic product used for concrete sealing and curing.

We offer all the right concrete curing and sealing liquids you can use for your specific concrete project. With the right options, you’ll be able to take on any concrete project with ease.

Concrete Release Agents

Concrete release agents come in two different types. There’s a powder concrete release agent and a liquid concrete release agent you can use for your project.

A liquid release agent will be used mainly for indoor projects and it will be rolled over the concrete. With a powder release agent, you will have the right option for stamped fresh concrete. It can also provide a coloring effect for the concrete.

While these are the two most commonly used concrete release agents, there is also an antiquing release agent. With this type of product, you get a different effect, but it’s not nearly as common as the liquid and powder options.

You can also separate the concrete release agents into barrier-type agents and chemically active agents. With a barrier-type agent, you get a barrier between the concrete form and the concrete. These concrete release agents are commonly made of diesel oil, wax, and silicone. They can cause stains on some concrete, however.

A chemically active concrete release agent will react with the calcium in the cement. This type of product will create a soap that will keep the form from bonding to the concrete.

Choosing the right concrete release agent is rather important. You want to make sure you have the best option for your specific project. We carry the following concrete release agents:

  • 4 Seasons Releasing Agent – This is a form releasing mineral oil with a summer and winter grade. It’s biodegradable oil and available in an all-seasons grade, as well.
  • Form Release – This VOC-compliant form release product comes from SealTight. It’s a non-staining option from W.R. Meadows.
  • Kaufman Products – We also offer a form release product from Kaufman.

When you need the right concrete form release product, we have just what you’re looking for.

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    4 Seasons – Releasing Agent – Form Oil/Releasing Oil

Only Long Island Area Supplier of W.R. Meadows Products

When you’re looking for concrete products from W.R. Meadows in the Long Island area, 9 Brothers Building Supply is the right choice. We are the only supplier of W.R. Meadows products in the area. You can get the concrete compounds and chemicals you need from us and we also offer other W.R. Meadows products including:

  • Expansion Joints
  • Vapor Barriers
  • Waterproofing Materials

W.R. Meadows provides high-quality products for construction projects. You cannot get these products anywhere else if you’re in the Long Island area. We are the authorized distributor of W.R. Meadows products throughout the area.

When you’re looking for top concrete compounds and chemicals from W.R. Meadows, we have what you need. These products are some of the best you will find on the market and are preferred by many construction professionals in the area and across the country.

Taking On Your Next Concrete Building Project

No matter the type of construction concrete project you are taking on, we have the right products for you. Our concrete compounds and chemicals will give you just what you need to complete your project. Whether you’re looking for curing products, sealing options, or anything else we have it.

From self-leveling caulk to concrete epoxy, our full line of concrete compounds and chemicals will help make your project easier. You need to make sure you have the best products for your specific project. Our team can help you find just what you need.

When you’re ready to take on your next concrete project, stop by one of our two NYC-area locations. Our staff at our Brentwood and Riverhead locations will be happy to help you find just what you need.