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Cambridge and Nicolock Paver Technology

Paver Technology – The Cambridge Vs. Nicolock Paver Edition

With modern construction undergoing rigorous technological advances, it comes as no surprise that paving stones are by no means left in the dust. With the development of paver technology, this comes as a new consideration when choosing the perfect paver for your project.  In this article, we will look at two of the most innovative brands in the industry, Cambridge Pavers Vs. Nicolock Pavers. Each brand produces products with the latest paver tech to deliver economical value, durability, and remarkable luxury. As such, we will compare and contrast the unique ways that make both Cambridge and Nicolock Pavers so renowned in the industry.  

What Is ArmorTec By Cambridge Pavers?

Cambridge Pavers takes the original composition of a traditional paver and injects it with a super ingredient - ArmorTec. ArmorTec is a blend of iron oxide pigments which meets ASTM International Designation C-979-82. It is non-slip, robust, and high-quality. This paver technology is perfect for maintaining both the structure and aesthetic of each paving stone manufactured by Cambridge Pavers. The addition of ArmorTec completes the paver with a plane, compact surface. Over time, the paving stone will maintain its depth of color, as well as its structure. 

What is Paver Shield By Nicolock Pavers?

On the flip side of the coin, Nicolock Pavers employs a paver technology called Paver Shield. Like ArmorTec, iron oxide pigments are incorporated into the paver mixture to attain the final smooth, dense structure and aesthetic. By combining the paver technology components into the paver itself, as opposed to layering a final sealant at the end of the project, the quality of finish and longevity of the paver is enhanced dramatically. Furthermore, it means the paver is protected at all angles - a major benefit against competing brand products which rely on a temporary sealant.  

Paver Technology By Brand

Each of these brands are favorites of 9 Brothers Building Supply, so it’s impossible to say that one is ‘better’ than the other. However, each brand provides different behaviors of style, and it is in this context that you should consider which paver brand is more appropriate for your project.  Cambridge Pavers uses paver technology to enhance its more traditional, stripped-back, robust approach to paving solutions. In contrast, Nicolock favors a refined, creative example, with design influences from authentic European paving features. In either case, each paving brand is superior to many competitors in the market, and this is largely down to the paver technology that is supplied. Click to take a look at all the Cambridge Pavers and Nicolock Pavers products 9 Brothers Building Supply has to offer, and discover your perfect paver solution today!     

Patio Stones Types Explained – Choosing Paving Stones

Patio Stones Types Explained | Choosing Paving Stones

Be confident in choosing stones for your next outdoor project.

We explain the physical and application properties of patio stones types.

Summer is here, and while you are thinking of doing some upgrades to your outdoor spaces - whether it be the driveway, backyard, walkways or patio; maybe you want to add more flair than just laying traditional asphalt or concrete. With patio pavers, there are limitless designs to what you can do with your outdoor living space. However, it can be a daunting task learning what patio stones types there are. First you have your stone type, and then comes understanding their value. It's equally important to understand the stone's physical properties and how it makes sense to place it in your outdoor environment.

1. Patio Pavers

Patio pavers are the number one choice homeowners pursue due to their aesthetics. These patio pavers are manufactured stone which are made in a factory through molds. They are such a popular choice because:

  • Limitless designs and flexibility to go anywhere
  • Easy to cut
  • Easy to clean & seal
  • Looks organized and beautiful

Cambridge is a very common name in the patio paving industry. Nicolock, Techo-Bloc, and Unilock are other brands we carry.


2. Bluestone

Bluestone is, no doubt, one of the most popular paving stones. Bluestone is offered in both natural and manufactured stone options. Here we'll explain the difference between natural bluestone and manufactured bluestone.

Natural Bluestone - natural stone is generally blown from the mountains, and then brought to a quarry for cutting. It is placed naturally how it is cut, and comes in different thicknesses. Natural bluestone retains more heat and tends to get hot; however in New York it is so common due to the shorter hot days, making it easy and to walk on barefoot. It also lasts longer than a manufactured stone.

Manufactured Bluestone - Formed in a factory using molds, manufactured bluestone is composed of a compound of different types of stone to mimic the look and feel of Bluestone. Manufactured bluestone is an increasingly popular choice due to the engineered properties of it. Manufactured bluestone are designed for cooler temperatures, lighter weight, durability in the winter (no chipping) and much more comfortable on the bare foot.

BOTH of these stones are able to be cut in any shape or size. The edges of it can also be chosen from full round bullnose, half round bullnose, chiseled edge, and straight edge.

3. Travertine / Travertina / Travertino

Travertine comes from the Italian name Travertino, and is alternatively called Travertina. Travertina is a beautiful luxurious natural stone that comes in various colors. Typically the colors are white, tan, cream, and darker variations. It's known for it's very soft and fibrous surface - being a porous and sedimentary rock that is found in hot springs. Essentially, it is a limestone.

Travertine is very resistant to mildew, moisture, and water, making it a popular choice for pool patios and walkways, giving it a smooth non-slippery surface when it is wet. It remains cool even in hot weathers. The maintenance on these stones are slightly higher than others, and should be taken care of with cleaners and sealers. These luxury stones are a great choice!

4. Flagstone / Flagging

Techo-Bloc – Flagstone

Flagstone can be a confusing term to think of as it is a universal term used in the industry. It means slab from it's derived name. This is another sedimentary rock that is composed of multiple stone types, typically a form of sandstone with quartz and feldspar. It's colors come from the other materials that bond these minerals together.

Typically when referring to Flagstone, homeowners want the irregular shaped look, that has very hard long-lasting properties. It comes in both manufactured and natural stone to bring a very traditional feel to your property.

Flagstones can be used in walkways, patios, fish ponds, and even on walls!

A project to remember


Now that you have a basic understanding of the majority of stones, we hope this made it easier for you to make decisions toward your next outdoor project. All of these stones can be used in conjunction with different style edges around your walkways, patios, pool coping, driveways, etc. Different patio stones types can be used together in conjunction with other accessory stones found on our website, with any colors you can imagine! We'll passionately help make your special project come to life, just give us a call!


Fathers Day Gift Ideas – Outdoor Ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2020 - Outdoor Ideas

Amidst all of the irregularity and uncertainty; Father's day is around the corner. If you're looking for Fathers day gift ideas 2020, Father's day is on Sunday June 21st - so act quickly! If your Father figure in your life is one that loves outdoors and the backyard, there's no doubt you'll want to surprise him with a gift that makes a statement.

Outdoor things are on most dad's priority lists of property upgrades and also one of the most ignored fathers day gifts!  If you are looking to make a statement this Fathers' day, get them an outdoor gift they won't forget! Let's quickly explore the available father's day gift ideas 2020 we have to offer.

#1: You can't go wrong with a Fire Bowl or Fire Pit for Father's Day


Backyard fires have been a staple for as long as we can remember. It warms the hearts and there's always that need for social therapy. Recently, it's become more affordable to get more modern designed fire bowls and fire pits.

Eldorado Stone offers a line of fire bowls, while all of our other brands such as Nicolock, Techo-Bloc, Cambridge, and Unilock. offer their classic variations of fire pits.

#2: Pizza Ovens for a unique and special dad


There's nothing better than a crunchy pizza cooked exactly how you like at home. That melting mozz., fresh basil, and tomatoes could be shared all in tradition. Hot off the stone, you'll have mouth watering pizzas in no time! Here are our recommendations:

a. Cambridge Pizza Ovens: These pizza ovens are luxurious, spacious, tall, and made full of stone. They are beautiful and stocked with all of the bells and whistles.

b. Nicolock Verona Pizza Oven: For those who want a QUALITY pizza oven, and a quality stone cabinet. This is one of our most popular pizza ovens due to it's design.

c. Techo-Bloc Forno Pizza Oven: For pizza enthusiasts - the Forno is a beautifully designed pizza oven that has a sleek design and unmatched quality pizza oven. For those that prefer a smaller footprint, or already have a Techo-Bloc outdoor kitchen, this is the way to go.

#3: Pave a walkway for aesthetics and looks!


Paving a small walkway can make a HUGE difference between paving stones and asphalt or concrete. It feels great on the feet, looks terrific, and is generally affordable! Even if it is a small area it's a pleasurable gift. We can help you decide quickly what you need to do to get it done in time.

#4: Outdoor Kitchens and Grill Islands


If he's a grilled food lover, and due for a new grill, take into consideration upgrading the outdoor kitchen area! We carry an extensive line of outdoor grill islands and outdoor kitchens to accommodate your needs. It's easier than you think - see the unparalleled quality compared to traditional quality brands.

#5: Landscape Material


Build a new garden, or dress up significant areas of the yard with mulch or rock. It's pleasing to the eyes and will let your father spend time doing something for himself rather than yardwork.

#6: Edge a driveway or walkway with belgian block cobblestones, or other edge stones


This is a huge upgrade to any walkway or driveway. The traditional aesthetic look of masonry edges brings a pleasing sight! What a difference it can make!

patio ideas and backyard transformations

Stunning Patio Ideas and Backyard Transformations

Stunning Patio Ideas and Backyard Transformations

When you're ready to make your outdoor living space amazing, the right patio ideas can help transform your backyard. The outside area of your home offers plenty of fun throughout the seasons. It's also one of the easiest areas to upgrade.

Upgrading your backyard and patio is no small task, however. When you're ready to get to work with the right patio ideas for your backyard transformation, we're here to help. Let's look at some of the items we offer you can use to upgrade your patio and backyard area.

Backyard Transformations

5 Top Patio Ideas to Consider for Your Backyard Upgrade

1. Fire Bowls & Pits

The perfect addition to extend the amount of time you can use your backyard patio is a fire bowl or fire pit. Adding a safe way to light a beautiful fire will help you stay warm during the fall. You will also gain a very attractive addition for everybody to gather around.

You can choose the standard fire pit, such as this one from Nicolock, if you want to roast marshmallows and add a rustic feel. However, if you're looking for a more modern option, a fire bowl might be the perfect option, such as this one from Eldorado Stone. You can even choose a fire table, like this one from Cambridge.

2. New Patio Pavers

Of course, upgrading your outdoor patio area with new patio pavers will provide a refreshed look. You can choose from our wide variety of options including natural stone, designer stones, rustic options, and more. Whether you want to change the look of your outdoor patio completely or just replace old pavers, we offer just what you're looking for.

3. Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace can add to the coziness of your patio. When it comes to patio ideas that can help extend the use you get out of your outdoor space, this is one of the best additions. A fully-assembled outdoor fireplace from Cambridge offers a great option.

4. Pizza Ovens

Maybe you love to cook pizza and you want to be able to do it poolside. When you add an outdoor pizza oven to your patio, you turn your backyard into the perfect place to entertain. Enjoy wonderful wood-fired pizza with the Forno Brandon Pizza Oven from Techo-Bloc.

5. Pergolas

The final option on our list of patio ideas for transforming your backyard space is adding a pergola. This can be the perfect accent to your outdoor space and give you just the right look. One of our Nicolock pergolas might be just what you need to bring your outdoor space together.

Whenever it's time for a backyard transformation, the right patio ideas will make a huge difference. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer many outdoor patio products you can use to upgrade your space. Whether you want to extend the season with a fire pit or you want to completely transform the space with the right pavers, we have everything you need.


Outdoor Backyard Ideas: Top 4 Trends

Whenever it's time to upgrade your outdoor living space, the right ideas and trends can play a large role. Choosing the right outdoor backyard ideas will enhance your space and might even allow you to enjoy your backyard longer.

Sometimes, you know what you want to do, but you simply cannot figure out how. That's where we come in. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we are here to help you choose the right outdoor living products to make your backyard amazing.

When it's time to upgrade your patio, pool deck, or any other outdoor space, we're ready to help you. Our products will help you put together the outdoor backyard ideas you want to embrace. Whether it's one of the common trends or something you came up with yourself, we can help you.

To get you started on creating your dream backyard, let's look at some of the top backyard trends and ideas.

4 Trendy Outdoor Backyard Ideas

1. Outdoor Fire Pits & Bowls

Whether you prefer a wood, natural gas, or propane fire pit, bowl, or table, we have it. There are many great fire options you can use to enhance your outdoor space. No backyard is complete without the perfect space for a fire to gather around, roast marshmallows over, and keep you using your outdoor space longer.

The right fire pit can add to a modern design or even provide a rustic look. Choose from different shapes and designs, such as the MaytRX Square Fire Pit from Cambridge or the Clifrock Round Fire Pit from Nicolock.

If you prefer a more modern look, a fire bowl might be the perfect option for you. Something sleek like the Eldorado Stone Talus Fire Bowl might fit just right. We also offer many other options, such as the Infinite Fire Bowl from Eldorado Stone.

Of course, those looking to add a resort feel to their backyard might just want a fire table. Cambridge offers a fully-assembled gas fire table that's easy to use and very attractive.

No matter the shape or type of fuel you prefer for your outdoor fire pit, we have the right options. When it comes to outdoor backyard ideas, adding a fire pit or bowl is one of the top trends to consider.

2. Patio Pavers & Pool Coping

Nothing brings an outdoor space together quite like the right patio pavers and pool coping. When you want to create the perfect landscape for your backyard, the selection you make for the flooring will set the tone.

Maybe you prefer a simple and clean look. The Bluestone Pavers we offer provide the perfect option with several colors to choose from and a variety of designs.

Cambridge provides a wide selection of pavers and pool coping, as well. These pavers can be used to create several designs to make your backyard patio look just the way you prefer.

Getting that perfect natural stone look requires the right pavers from MSI. They offer a complete line of options including Porcelain, Flagstone, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, and Travertine.

Nicolock pavers are another great choice with many trendy options. The Belgium Cobble offers a bit of old-world charm, while the Plank Pavers can provide a bit of a modern look.

If you truly want a modern backyard patio, Techo-Bloc is the right option for pavers, however. Many of the paver options from Techo-Bloc fit right into the modern design category, such as the Valet Pavers.

Unilock is another brand of paver we carry with plenty of great choices. The EnduraColor series of pavers from Unilock offers some of the best you will find. Whether you prefer a flagstone look or an old brick look, you will find just what you're looking for.

3. Retaining Walls

Depending on the design of your backyard space, you might need the right retaining wall. With a beautiful retaining wall from Unilock, Cambridge, Nicolock, or Techo-Bloc, you can add one of the trendiest options to your backyard landscape.

Our retaining walls come in many different designs from the Half Round MaytRX from Cambridge to the Colonial Wall from Nicolock. With the many different options we offer, you can match your retaining wall to your pavers, pool coping, and the rest of your backyard landscape.

4. Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing is trendier for your backyard than adding a complete outdoor kitchen. From a beautiful grill island, like this one from Cambridge to an L-shaped outdoor kitchen like this one from Nicolock, there are plenty of designs to choose from.

We provide many different grill islands to choose from. However, if you have the space and you truly want to turn your outdoor backyard area into a place to entertain, a complete outdoor kitchen is the way to go. With an L-shaped kitchen, you will likely gain space for a small fridge, a sink, cabinets, and much more. The Kindred Coastal Ranch Signature Kitchen provides one of the best outdoor kitchen options for your backyard space.

There are many ways to upgrade your outdoor living space. Whether you want to create a trendy, magazine-worthy area or you just want to add more functionality, we provide the right products for you. Stop by one of our two locations in Riverhead or Brentwood locations today and find out how we can help you.


Outdoor Fireplaces Long Island: Luxury Options & Budget Choices

The chilly weather returns every single year and you know it's going to be time to stop going outside as much soon. With the right outdoor fireplace for your Long Island home, you can enjoy your outdoor living space longer.

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but it can get a bit chilly for sitting out on your patio. When winter hits, you'll likely not want to be in the backyard at all, or very little. Why not extend the time you can use your Long Island outdoor space with a beautiful outdoor fireplace?

Whether you're looking for an outdoor fireplace to fit your budget or you want a luxury, high-end option, we've got you covered. Let's look at some of the best choices for both categories, along with what you should expect with the installation.

Luxury Outdoor Fireplaces in Long Island

If you're not really concerned about your budget, choosing the right outdoor fireplace design becomes the most important factor. There are many great options to consider from top brand names, such as Cambridge, Nicolock, and Eldorado Stone.

The outdoor fireplaces from Nicolock offer a classic masonry look. You can choose from many different options and enjoy your outdoor area much longer each year. With the Nicolock Verona, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty and warmth of your outdoor fireplace in Long Island.

Another great option, if you want plenty of space for your cut wood is the Techo-Bloc Manchester Foyer. This outdoor fireplace provides a luxury look perfect for any patio area.

More Affordable Outdoor Fireplaces in Long Island

Maybe you have a specific budget in mind for your outdoor fireplace. There are many full-assembled options from Cambridge and stone veneer choices that won't come at the same price for the installation.

With a fully assembled outdoor fireplace, you don't have to worry about any cost for stone veneer or masonry work during the installation. These Cambridge outdoor fireplaces also offer optional waterfall/firewood box extensions. You can customize your outdoor fireplace to fit your design and budget.

Those seeking a very luxurious look without the cost of masonry during the installation might prefer a stone veneer outdoor fireplace. These fireplaces still require quite a bit of work to install, but they are not as labor-intensive as some options might be.

The Wilmington Gas Burning Fireplace from Eldorado Stone offers a great option. You'll get a very luxurious look with a custom finish and beautiful arched openings. The fireplace can be finished with stone veneer over traditional block for an impressive look.

Another great option for those looking for simplicity is the Nicolock Clifrock Kalea Bay Fireplace. This outdoor fireplace will provide the perfect ambiance without the labor-intensive installation. It's rather easy to set up making it a great choice for many outdoor areas in Long Island.

Installing an Outdoor Fireplace

Depending on the type of outdoor fireplace you choose, the installation can be rather labor-intensive. Some of these fireplaces will require skilled masonry work during the installation. Even with stone veneer options, you will likely need to hire a professional.

The fully-assembled options, however, offer an option without any need for masonry or stone veneer work during installation. As long as you have the proper concrete pad, these outdoor fireplaces can be easily installed with a bottom section, a top section, and the hearth.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we provide many great outdoor fireplace options in the Long Island area. Stop by one of our two locations in Riverhead or Brentwood today and we can help you choose the right outdoor fireplace for your needs.

or keep scrolling to see our recommendations and delve into the world of Outdoor Fireplaces!

MOST APPEALING: Fully Assembled Fireplaces

Best Outdoor Fireplaces Long Island

Cambridge Fully-Assembled Outdoor Fireplace With Optional Waterfall/Firewood Box Combination Extensions

As the name implies - the Cambridge Fully Assembled Outdoor Fireplace, comes...fully assembled! The ease and simplicity of this selection with an optional gas insert  or traditional wood burning hearth is a choice for many. Paired with the optional side boxes and waterfalls, this fireplace is an amazing sight. There is NO stone veneer or masonry work required to install.

After your concrete pad has been poured, simply place the bottom section in position, stack the top section onto the bottom, slip in the hearth (the piece that extends from the floor of the firebox), and you are ready to sit back and enjoy a crackling, wood fire right on your patio. Made of Cambridge Olde English Wall™ with a Cambridge Bullnose hearth, mantle and chimney top, the Fully Assembled 3-Pc. Outdoor Fireplace is delivered to your home in a choice of two popular color combinations. It comes complete with a stainless steel chimney liner, termination cap, spark screen, even a log grate, and features an array of other eye-pleasing characteristics.

Weight: 11,500 Lbs.
Width with boxes: 10.66 Ft. (127 7/8")
Width without boxes: 4.99 Ft. (59 7/8")
Depth: 4.66 Ft. (55 7/8")
Height: 8.46 Ft. (101 1/2")

View this item on Cambridgepavers.com

Other Fully Assembled Fireplaces

CLASSIC MASONRY: Valuable fireplaces

Mini Verona Fireplace

Nicolock Verona & Verona Mini Fireplaces

A long time Long Island paver brand, Nicolock, offers a traditional outdoor fireplace with all of the valuable bells and whistles you would expect in a masonry built fireplace. With it's longevity guarantees, and stainless mesh spark screens - the Nicolock Verona and Verona mini Fireplaces offer much more value with a traditional feel. It's beautiful looks and true fireplace characteristics make the Nicolock verona a popular choice. It also pairs well with Nicolock's Verona Pizza oven and integrates well with Nicolock's paver lines since it is offered in a multitude of 10 paver colors. After all, it can easily be integrated into a Nicolock project or mesh well with your existing outdoor living space giving that natural fireplace feel.

Contains everything you need to construct this stunning fireplace:

Includes Verona wall, 36" stainless steel fireplace insert with flue pipe, stainless mesh spark screens, solid stainless log grate, 4 concrete lintels, and decorative concrete cast surround with medallion.


Weight: Not Available
Width: 7 Ft. 8" (92")
Depth: 3 Ft. 8" (44")
Height: 9 Ft. 4" (112")

Weight: 7,720 Lbs.
Width: 4 Ft. (48")
Depth: 3 Ft. 4" (28")
Height: 7 Ft. (84")

View the Verona or the Mini-Verona on Nicolock.com


Techo-Bloc Manchester Foyer

The outdoor season just got a little longer. The Foyer from Techo-Bloc brings the luxury and warm comfort of a fireplace to the outdoors. Built with Techo-Bloc concrete products and engineered to contain and withstand wood-burning fire-generated heat, the Foyer was designed to perfectly match Techo-Bloc’s collection of hardscape products. Offered in both Shale Grey and Chestnut Brown, these Techo-Bloc signature colors were strategically chosen because of their color nuances; facilitating color coordination with your landscape and the exterior of your home. On the practical side, the Foyer outdoor fireplace allows for extended use of your outdoor space well into the chilly late evenings and autumn months. Manchester is part of the dry cast collection.


Weight: Not Available
Width: 10 Ft. 5" (125")
Depth: 3 Ft. 7" (43")
Height: 8 Ft. 3/4" (96.75")

View the Manchester Foyer Fireplace on Techo-Bloc.com

eldorado stone

Eldorado Stone Wilmington Gas Burning Fireplace

If you like the idea of stone veneer over traditional block, this gas powered fireplace marries valuable custom finish into a beautiful design. The Wilmington Fireplace features architectural touches such as an arched opening and cantilevered mantel for an elegance. Delivered complete with a scratch-coat surface, the Wilmington can be finished for an impressive custom masonry appearance.

Weight: Not Available
Width: 10 Ft. 5" (68")
Depth: 5 Ft. 8" (37")
Height: 6 Ft. 9" (81")

View the Wilmington Gas Burning Fireplace on EldoradoStone.com

MODERN & CLEAN: Stone Veneer Fireplaces

eldorado stone

Sherwood Wood Burning Fireplace

A design statement, this larger Sherwood fireplace can be dressed with any stone and accessories to complement and enhance your outdoor living space. It does not come with the stone and can be completely customized with any choice of Eldorado Stone's stone veneer. The Sherwood Fireplace creates a focal point in your open air conversation setting while providing the warmth and pleasant crackle of burning wood.

Width: 8 Ft. (96")
Depth: 3 Ft. 11" (47")
Height: 7 Ft. 9" (93")

View the Sherwood on EldoradoStone.com


Nicolock Kalea Bay Fireplace

If you love simplicity, with an easy setup, and a clean look this fireplace may be the one for you! An outdoor fireplace provides an element of elegance, ambiance and function. Perfect for entertaining or when you desire a place to retreat, relax and reconnect. Available in single-sided and see-through configurations.

Weight: Not Available
Width: 7 Ft. (84")
Depth: 1 Ft. 8" (20")
Height: 3 Ft. 6" (42")

View the Kalea Bay on Nicolock.com


Best Fire Pits Long Island | Fire Bowls + More | Review

The Best Fire Pits Long Island

Contemporary and modern choices for all budgets.

We put 'em to the test and compared 'em all. See our top fire pit and bowl choices!

Hoodie season or summer days -  warm up and spend quality time with family and friends right in your backyard. Here we'll discuss some of the best fire pits in Long Island - available right here at 9 Brothers Building Supply

It’s a no brainer that fire pits have become a staple in outdoor living, they are the most sought after-design feature in hardscapes, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects. Fire gatherings have been around for thousands of generations.

More recently, though - fire pits have been innovated into more affordable designer brand options than before. Let's review some of the best fire pits of long island from various brands we carry.

What you need to know before purchasing:

Fuel Source: fire pits are offered in propane/gas, natural wood, or charcoal (for grilling) as a fuel source. Traditional wood/charcoal/pellet fire pits are easier to set up, and have a natural feel to them; however require cleaning and maintenance.

Propane/gas fire pits are much nicer, burn cleaner, and ignite instantly; making them especially desirable in commercial and residential applications alike. However, they require some planning to install, and a professional hook-up. Normally these gas powered fire pits have a hose that travels under the soil or your patio - to a hard-piped fuel delivery service line. Let us help you plan carefully! If you had to take up 30 feet of patio to repair a fire pit, it wouldn’t be feasible, would it? 

Design: Are you renovating your backyard and adding a fire pit to it? Many of our stone manufacturers carry matching fire pit stone kits to go with the color profile of your project. If you are just adding it to your outdoor living, check out the color profiles of each for something that can blend in to your existing design.

Then again, stop in our Brentwood or Riverhead Location with some pictures and we would be glad to guide you in choosing your next fire pit or fire bowl!

Propane/Gas Fire Pits & Fire Bowls

eldorado stone infinite firebowl

1. Eldorado Stone – Infinite Fire Bowl

As the name implies the Infinite is limitless in its design applications. The simple yet elegant shape will naturally draw attention for its style and inviting warmth. Perfect for both residential and commercial applications, Infinite can change appearance from modern to traditional by simply selecting the weathered & textured Travertine finish.


  • Dimensions: 36.25″ Diameter x 18.5″High
  • Approximate Weight: 325 lbs.
  • Infinite Fire Bowl Profile Shown In Aged Teak Travertine

Industry Leading Burner: Patent-pending burner system comes complete with powerful 65,000 BTU burner, all brass fittings, heavy duty stainless steel platform and 10-year limited warranty. Innovative brass burner system uses half the fuel of conventional fire rings, yet produces higher flames and brighter appearance.

Everything's Included: black lava rock, carry straps, match lit components complying with CSA standards for natural gas or liquid propane. Natural gas bowls are ready for installation to fixed piping, liquid propane bowls ship with 10 ft. hose extension plus 1/2" quick connect fitting.

Colors & Finishes: Eldorado Fire Bowls are available in four colors designed to represent various types of natural limestone. Choose from Honed, a smooth surface or Travertine, a more textured surface. Both include color and texture variations, providing the authentic character and attributes of natural stone.

Click here for the Infinite Installation Guide.

Best Fire Pits Long Island

2. Eldorado Stone – Marbella Fire Bowl

The Marbella Fire Bowl captures the essence of the Romanesque period. The gently rounded bull nose and elegant foundation are perfect for a variety of traditional landscape settings.


  • Dimensions: 38.25″ Diameter x 20.375″H
  • Approximate Weight: 425 lbs.
  • Marbella Fire Bowl Profile Shown In Oak Barrel Travertine.
eldorado bloc fire bowl

3. Eldorado Stone – Bloc Fire Bowl

Bloc delivers the perfect balance of simplicity and scale. At only 20″x 20″ Bloc provides a surprising amount of warmth. Anchor small seating areas or highlight outdoor elements with this handsome fire feature.


  • Dimensions: 20″L x 20″W x 15″H
  • Approximate Weight: 182 lbs.
  • Bloc Fire Bowl Profile Shown In Aged Teak Honed

4. Techo-Bloc – Brandon Fire Pit

With the popularity of the Brandon stone profile, this Techo-Bloc fire pit fits right into many existing backyard designs and compliments a new backyard renovation if using the same stone profile. The Brandon fire pit is a pre-packaged, ready-to-assemble fire pit which is available in both a square and rectangle shaped option. It uses the Brandon 90mm block to achieve a dry-stack stone appearance. It comes packaged Piedimonte wall caps as well as a steel heat-shield insert to surround the fire.

5. Cambridge – Pre-Packaged Olde English Round Gas Fire Pit Kit

Made With Cambridge Olde English Radius Wallstones, this gas fire pit is a second runner up to fitting in any backyard effortlessly, along with the olde english line. It's classic look combined with the top-shelf quality of Cambridge paver stacked stones, only the best burners with great engineered radial heat, and premium gas fittings, make this a choice over and over for many homeowners. It's price and quality make it a popular selection that does not dissapoint.


  • 32″Inside Diameter, 48″ Outside Diameter, 16″ High
  • Natural Gas (Liquid Propane Conversion Kit Available)
  • 150K BTU, 24″ Penta Burner Produces Even Flame In Flower-Like Pattern
  • Shown In Toffee/Onyx & Sahara/Chestnut

6. Nicolock – Clifrock Round Fire Pit

If you're more of a stone veneer person and like the small stacked stone - "low-profile" look of your fire pit, this is the choice for you. This hollow, but stone veneer finished fire pit sports Nicolock's actual quality stone veneer and burner system,


  • 2 – 18″ High Half Circle High Strength ClifRock Panel2 – 18″ High Structural Connection Units, Wood Grain
  • 1 – 44″Round Stone-face Top with Cut out
  • LP Conversion Kit
  • 1 – 19″Round Pan Match Throw w/ Lip (Natural Gas)
  • Lava Rocks
techno firepits

7. Techo-Bloc – Valencia Fire Pit

Warm those early spring evenings and fall afternoons with the Valencia Fire Pit kit. Gather around this circular fire pit while it warms your heart and roasts the marshmallows. Available in a plethora of colors to fit any landscape environment.

Classic Wood Fire Pits & Bowls

verona fire pits

8. Nicolock – Verona Fire Pit

If the wood fire pit is your choice the Nicolock Verona fire pit is best for you, it will light up your environment and create the warm environment you desire.


Includes wall blocks and steel insert

Coping sold separately • Inside Dimension: 27”,

Outside Dimension: 49”, Height: 16”

49″” outside diameter 16″”

Verona Fire Pit shown in Granite City Blend with Bluestone coping


9. Nicolock – Belvedere Fire Pit

What better way to enjoy your outdoor living area than to be gathered around a beautiful Fire Pit with friends and family. The natural textures and colors of this product, blend seamlessly with the entire collection of attractive Rosetta Hardscapes.


58″” outside diameter 14-1/2″”


10. Techo-Bloc – Brandon Fire Pit

The Brandon fire pit is a pre-packaged, ready-to-assemble fire pit which is available in both a square and rectangle shaped option. It uses the Brandon 90mm block to achieve a dry-stack stone appearance. It comes packaged with Piedimonte wall caps as well as a steel heat-shield insert to surround the fire.

Best Outdoor Grill Islands of Long Island – Reviews and Comparison

The Best Outdoor Grill Islands of Long Island | Outdoor Kitchens | Stone Grills

Serious grilling choices for all budgets.

Our collection includes products that have proven consistency and continued upgrades. See our top outdoor grill islands of Long Island!

While you can have a standalone grill, an outdoor grill island on Long Island is a permanent installation that adds value and convenience to your property for years to come.

It’s a no brainer that outdoor grill islands are where the heart is, and you would agree with us that our hearts travel through the kitchen. Designing your house with an incredible outdoor kitchen will bring value and convenience that a resort cannot. We have compared the 7 best outdoor grill islands from 9 Brothers Building Supply, and below we list some criteria for comparison before we dive into the reviews in full.
Stonework – it can be an overwhelming task for buyers to filter information through the manufacturer’s website; in combination with the 9Brothers.com website - so we've done the dirty research and make it easy for you to compare different outdoor kitchens.
Deck and Patio combinations – Many of our outdoor kitchens match patio paver profiles, and also blend into your existing color profiles easily. One glove doesn't fit all and we can guide you to the perfect stones.

Stainless and Steel Cabinets – Precision cut stainless steel hardware with longevity in mind.

1. NEW* Cambridge – Fully-Assembled Outdoor Kitchen

The Best Outdoor Grill Islands of Long Island

Cambridge is a household name in the outdoor kitchen industry. They produce fascinating outdoor kitchens with an aesthetic finishing. The fully assembled veneer grill is all you need to make your adventure worthwhile on the island. However, the kitchen is one of the best with good stonewall and functional stainless steel to protect the kitchen. It is also important to note that the grill and the wall kit can be bought separately. This offer is only applicable to Cambridge.

  • Made with Stone Veneer Canyon Ledge
  • Short side: 7' 6 3/4" · Long side: 14' 9 1/4" · Both: 3' deep
  • Stainless Steel Appliance Package
  • Shown in Stone Veneer Canyon Ledge Midnight Slate with granite countertop Black Uba Tuba

Alternative Choice For Color Combination:
Santa Fe Canyon Ledge With Granite Countertop Venetian Gold

COMPLETE WITH... a gleaming, easy to clean and maintain, stainless steel appliance package with all the features that outdoor cooking aficionados have on their wish lists for multitasking the cooking and grilling of meats and vegetables in a variety of ways.

Stainless Steel Appliance Package

  • Grill (38" Wide x 20" Deep)
  • 5 Burners With 75,000 BTU Auto Ignition
  • 2 Lights For Nighttime Cooking
  • Sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Rotisserie
  • Built-in Thermometer
  • Warming Rack
  • Slide Out Grease Tray
  • Cabinet Access Doors

2. Cambridge – Fully-Assembled Stone Veneer Grill Island

veneer-grill outdoor kitchen

Cambridge is a household name in the outdoor kitchen industry. They produce fascinating outdoor kitchens with an aesthetic finishing. The fully assembled veneer grill is all you need to make your adventure worthwhile on the island. However, the kitchen is one of the best with good stonewall and functional stainless steel to protect the kitchen. It is also important to note that the grill and the wall kit can be bought separately. This offer is only applicable to Cambridge.

        Kits includes:

  • Made With Olde English Wall
  • 6' 3 1/4" Long, 3" Deep, 3' 2" High
  • Genuine Granite Tiles On 4 Sides Shown In Venetian Gold
  • Shown In Sahara/Chestnut With Granite Countertop Venetian Gold

       Dimensions (With Base And Grill Units Put Together):

  • 75 1/4" long, 36" deep and 38" high. Weight: 3,985 lbs.


  •      Banded Granite Tiles Under Granite Countertop On 4 Sides

       Stainless Steel Appliance Package

  • Large 38" Wide x 20" Deep Grill
  • 5 Burners With 75,000 BTU Auto Ignition
  • 2 Lights Under The Hood For Nighttime Cooking
  • Rotisserie And Warming Tray
  • Built-in Thermometer
  • Slide Out Grease Tray

3. Cambridge – Pre-Packaged MaytRx Wall Kitchen Kit


pre-cut maytrx wall outdoor kitchen

Complete with 4 pallets of MaytRx Wallstones, 2 concrete lintels, and a top of the line stainless steel appliance package, all set in a polished granite countertop. Ready to install… absolutely NO cutting necessary. Step by step instructions in English and Spanish included. Shown left in Split Face Sahara/Chestnut with Venetian Gold granite.

L-Shaped Kitchen Dimensions:

  • Short Side 76″”L, Long Side 144″” L, both 36″” Wide


  • Stainless steel hot and cold faucet with long neck bar spout


  • Cooking area: 38″”W x 20″”D 5 stainless steel (15,000 BTU) burners with auto ignition, rotisserie, built-in thermometer, warming rack, and slide out grease tray.

Stainless Steel Appliance Package Includes

  • Grill (38″” wide x 20″” deep)
  • 5 Burners with 75,000 BTU Auto Ignition
  • 2 Lights for Nighttime Cooking
  • Sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Cabinet Access Door

4. Cambridge – Pre-Packaged Olde English Wall Kitchen Kit

This is the same as the pre-packaged mayrtx wall the little difference is the type of stone used to construct them. Pre-packaged Olde English Wall Kitchen Kit is an outdoor kitchen with All Stainless Steel Appliance Package Complete with 4 pallets of Olde English Wallstones, 2 concrete lintels, and a top of the line stainless steel appliance package, which includes: 38″” grill with 2 lights for nighttime cooking, refrigerator, sink, and cabinets/access doors, all set in a polished granite countertop. Granite countertop comes in 2 color choices: Black Uba Tuba or Venetian Gold. Ready to Install… absolutely NO cutting necessary. Step by step instructions in English and Spanish included. Kitchen is designed as a left side “”L”” shape. A right side “”L”” shape is also available.

L-Shaped Kitchen Dimensions:

  • Short Side 76″”L, Long Side 144″” L, both 36″” Wide


  • Stainless steel hot and cold faucet with long neck bar spout


  • Cooking area: 38″”W x 20″”D 5 stainless steel (15,000 BTU) burners with auto ignition, rotisserie, built-in thermometer, warming rack, and slide out grease tray.

Stainless Steel Appliance Package Includes

  • Grill (38″” wide x 20″” deep)
  • 5 Burners with 75,000 BTU Auto Ignition
  • 2 Lights for Nighttime Cooking
  • Sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Cabinet Access Door

5. Eldorado Stone – Coastal Ranch Signature Kitchen

eldorado coastal ranch signature kitchen

Eldorado Outdoor Signature Kitchens are an easy solution to creating the timeless look and feel of a stone masonry kitchen. Each Signature Kitchen ships complete with all the necessary cabinets, bolts and end-caps. You may choose from eight of the most popular Eldorado Stone  profiles directly online or visit an Eldorado Stone distributor to choose from over 150 color options. Finalize your outdoor design by selecting the appliances and countertop of your choice.

Coastal Ranch includes:

  • Eldorado Stone Selection (unless Unclad specificed)
  • 2 Qty. 24" Straight Cabinets
  • 1 Qty. 48" Straight Cabinet
  • 1 Qty. Bar-Height 90° Corner Cabinet with 10" Cantilever
  • 2 Qty. Bar-Height Cabinet with 10" Cantilevers
  • 2 Qty. Cabinet End Caps
  • 5 Qty. Fastener Sets
  • 2 Qty. Vents

6. Eldorado Stone – Metropolitan Signature Kitchen

eldorado metropolitan outdoor grill island

The Metropolitan Signature Kitchen is an 12’ linear kitchen, designed to save space compared to traditional L-shaped kitchens, yet provides ample counter space for preparation of an elegant night dining alfresco.

Metropolitan Kitchen includes:

  • Eldorado Stone Selection (unless Unclad specificed)
  • 1 Qty. 36" Straight Cabinet
  • 1 Qty. 48" Straight Cabinet
  • 1 Qty. 60" Straight Cabinet
  • 2 Qty. Cabinet End Caps
  • 2 Qty. Fastener Sets
  • 2 Qty. Vents

7. Nicolock – Verona Outdoor Grill Island

nicoock verona outdoor grill island

Nicolock Verona Grill Island is crafted for perfection! Make summer memories even more fun and delicious! Fire up that steak year-round with these hard-wearing units.


  • 32″” 56,000 BTU or 40″” 70,000 BTU
  • Stainless steel grill
  • Sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Single and double doors
  • Cast stone counter tops (polished granite with the 40″” grill)
  • Concrete lintels and Verona wall
  • Available with a 32″” grill or 40″” grill

Still not impressed with our picks on outdoor grill islands? Step this way to check out our full catalog of breathtaking outdoor grill islands.


Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens of 2020 – Reviews & Comparisons

Here are six of the best outdoor pizza ovens for 2020 - for wood fired enthusiasts!


Here at 9 Brothers Building Supply, we simply cannot resist a juicy and crispy homemade pizza cooked in an outdoor pizza oven. There is nothing like a pizza cooked to perfection how it should be, your way - right in your backyard! We’ll share with you 6 of the best outdoor pizza ovens of 2020 - classic wood fired which we believe is the only way to attain a perfect pizza. We weighed the pros and cons of each; and we’ll get you on track with solid information to choose the one that fits you best. 


Design - It can be tough weighing your options from the manufacturer website as many are confusing from their designs, sizes, and colors offered. We make it easy by laying out all the information you need in this article for a wood fired pizza oven.


Wood Fired - Traditional pizza ovens were built based on wood log fire - for its hot temperatures - reaching temperatures as hot as 800 degrees fahrenheit! We’ve chosen 6 of the best outdoor pizza ovens that give rich traditional flavor, classic aroma, and add an elegant look to your outdoor living spaces.


Masonry Design - our best outdoor pizza ovens of 2020 are reviewed with masonry stone kits, which gives them function and value. 9 Brothers Building Supply is strongly committed to offering only top quality outdoor pizza ovens with masonry design in mind.


Colors - Your pizza oven area should match your future or existing patio and/or outdoor living space to compliment it. Each of these products reviewed have a variety of colors available to accent.

Nicolock Verona Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

This Verona pizza oven kit includes everything you need - including the cast stone counter top (bluestone pier cap), 2 pallets of Verona wall stone in a choice of 10 colors, and all five parts to the oven with a 2 draw, 1 door combo. This oven is spacious and simple to choose from as a kit, versus others requiring more involved planning; but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with Nicolock’s other stones!

Kit Includes:
A. 2 Pallet Verona Wall
B. 1-30” Combo (2 drawer/1 door) enclosure
C. Wet Cast top
D. Pizza Oven

Inside Oven: 29.5″ x 32.5″
Outside Oven: 33.5″ x 38.25″
Top: 49″ x 49″
Base: 44″ x 44″
Height: 40″ without top, 44″ with top
*Optional Wood Boxes Available


Techo-Bloc Forno

Techo-Bloc does things a bit differently, however their stones have a modern and clean look. Complimenting their Forno pizza oven, are 3 stone designs available, with varying colors in each. This allows you to shape your backyard around a stone collection and have the pizza oven blend in perfectly.


Made with the highest quality stainless steel, the Forno oven rapidly achieves high temperatures in an incredible 10-15 minutes but do not fail to impart an authentic Old World Italian flavor. Techo-Bloc’s Forno allows you to bake directly on the cooking stone to achieve impeccably crispy brick oven crust. If you are looking for a modern look, choose the Techo-Bloc forno with one of 3 designs available: Raffinato Stone Kit (shown), Brandon Stone Kit, or Manchester Stone Kit.

Cambridge Pre-Cut and Pre Packaged Outdoor Pizza Oven Kits

These pizza oven kits are Cambridge Pavers’ classic pizza ovens, requiring masonry assembly; however no cutting is required! If authentic old world flavor is what you are looking for in combination of beautiful precisely cut stones from top to bottom, these pre packaged kits are exactly what you are looking for. The wood burns behind the pizza creating a genuine classic taste, and the wood storage cabinet is tucked beneath.


Blend this into your existing cambridge projects matching these two stone collections, or accent it in your backyard project as a complementary color if other stones are used:


Olde English - 4 pallets of stone, completed assembly 8 ft. 2 in. tall / 6 ft.  ¾ in. deep / 5 ft. 4 ¼ in. wide. 

MaytRx - 5 pallets of stone, completed assembly 7 ft. 6 in. tall / 6 ft.  9 in. deep / 5 ft. 8 in. wide.


The primary stone structure are available in 2 colors, and the trim stones are available in 2 colors.

Primary stone colors: Toffee Onyx, Sahara Chestnut

Trim Colors: Bluestone, Chestnut


These two ovens come with a pro accessory kit, including a 13” pizza peel for inserting your pizza, 8” rotation pizza peel, wire brush, oven rake, ash shovel, and a hanging rack for the peels.


View this product on our website for more details and color samples!



If you are looking for something that is fully assembled, requiring little to no masonry assembly, these kits are perfect for you!

Cambridge Fully Assembled Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you are looking for simplicity and convenience, combined with Cambridge’s top quality brand stones, choose this fully assembled outdoor pizza oven. It comes in two pieces and can be assembled in under an hour on a fully finished concrete slab. This pizza oven comes with it’s own wood burning chamber under the oven, complete with a special cooking stone that eliminates the need for turning your pizzas from a direct fire next to it. A truly convenient pizza oven with rich luxury accents that are sure to make you think, “wow!” every time you look back at it.


The primary stone structure is available in 3 colors, the trim stones are available in 2 colors, and the bottom border are granite tiles, available in two colors. 

Choose from: 

Primary stone: Toffee Onyx, Sahara Chestnut, Limestone Quarry

Trim stone colors: Chestnut Bullnose, Bluestone Bullnose

Granite tile colors: Black Uba Tuba, Venetian Gold


Completed assembly measurements: 7 ft. 8 in. tall / 3 ft. 7 ¾ in. deep / 4 ft. 11 ½ in. wide. 


This oven also comes with a pro accessory kit, including a 13” pizza peel for inserting your pizza, 8” pizza peel, wire brush, oven rake, ash shovel, and a hanging rack for the peels.


View this product on our website for more details and color samples!


Cambridge Fully Assembled Stone Veneer Pizza Oven

Yet another beautiful full assembly; for simplicity and convenience, harboring quality brand stone veneer. If you like the profile and look of small stacked stones versus block stones, but don’t want to have the tedious work of installing stone panels, choose this fully assembled stone veneer oven! It comes in two pieces and can be assembled in under an hour on a fully finished concrete slab.

The primary stone structure is available in 3 colors, the trim stones are available in 2 colors, and the bottom border are granite tiles, available in two colors. 

Choose from: 

Stone Veneer: Santa Fe Canyon, Midnight Slate

Trim stone colors: Chestnut Bullnose, Bluestone Bullnose

Block Stone: Sahara Chestnut, Toffee Onyx


Completed assembly measurements: 7 ft. 8 in. tall / 3 ft. 7 ¾ in. deep / 4 ft. 11 ½ in. wide. 


This oven also comes with a pro accessory kit, including a 13” pizza peel for inserting your pizza, 8” pizza peel, wire brush, oven rake, ash shovel, and a hanging rack for the peels.


View this product on our website for more details and color samples!