The Best Pavers and Most Popular Paving Stones

When you're working on enhancing your property with the right outdoor hardscapes, you need the right pavers. The best pavers and the most popular paving stones can truly bring your property together.

Several brands provide incredible pavers and paving stones for you to choose from. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we only carry top brands to ensure you get the high quality you desire. Whether you're trying to create a deck around a swimming pool, a backyard patio, or a walkway, the right pavers and paving stones are required.

After deciding the look, you prefer, it's time to choose start shopping for paving stones and pavers. We offer several top brands with many different options. Let's look at some of the top paver brands we provide and what they can offer for you.

The Best Four Paver & Paving Stone Brands

backyard paver ideas

1. Nicolock

The several paver-shield options from Nicolock provide incredible options. These pavers are created to provide a brilliant and vibrant color with paver-shield technology. The color will stay rich and vibrant for many years, even through harsh conditions.

The Alpine Ridge and Blue Ridge pavers from Nicolock are two of the many popular paver-shield options. Of course, the cobblestone is also very popular and a very attractive option for around the pool.

cambridge pavers

2. Cambridge

NOTE: Currently Cambridge has limited their supply, temporarily. This is due to significant demand. For a list of the products currently offered by Cambridge, go here.

We carry a large selection of pavers and paver stones from Cambridge. They categories their products by collection or by color. You will also find pavers categories by size from Cambridge.

Some options come in kits, such as the circle design kit or the random design kit. Regardless of the type of pavers or paving stones you choose from Cambridge, you will be getting a high-quality product for your outdoor living space.

Techo-Bloc Pavers

3. Techo-Bloc

A very popular option, Techo-Bloc offers some of the best pavers and paving stones on the market. The Techo-Bloc permeable pavers provide a great choice for many different products. The Aquastorm pavers a very high infiltration rate to help you avoid flooding.

Techo-Bloc also offers many other pavers with several design options. Whether you want a more modern design like that of the valet paver or you prefer the contemporary look of the allegro pavers, Techo-Bloc has what you're looking for.

Unilock Pavers

4. Unilock

One of the most popular paver brands, Unilock offers many options to choose from. Use the permeable pavers if you need maximum drainage or choose the ENDURACOLR pavers for the perfect patio.

Choose from several different looks and designs with Unilock. The Camelot pavers offer a bit of old-world charm, while the eco-optiloc pavers provide a unique geometric design. No matter which Unilock pavers you choose, you'll get a quality product to enjoy for many years to come.

Choosing the Best Pavers for You

There are many different options to consider when it comes to the best pavers and paving stones. Choosing the right pavers for your hardscape isn't easy. While some may offer certain features, others might offer the perfect design.

When you're ready to create your dream patio, driveway, walkway, or pool deck, we're ready to help. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we can help you choose the best pavers and paving stones for your project. Stop in today at one of our two locations in the NYC area and Long Island.

Stone Veneer Siding Panel

Best Stone Veneer Siding Panels

Stone veneer siding panels are typically used to create an awe-striking façade on exterior walls. They enhance the aesthetics of a project by producing a unique and unmatched finish. Stone veneer siding panels are manufactured to be durable, easily installed, and tailorable to your plan. At 9Brothers Building Supply, we stock the best quality products, and in this article, we will discuss the best stone veneer siding panels available for your building project.

Eldorado Stone

Eldorado Stone is one of our favorite brands for producing original, characterful, and charming manufactured stone veneer products. Each stone veneer siding panel is cast to mimic the appearance of traditional stone, both in terms of color and texture. Eldorado Stone veneer products are manufactured to accomplish a natural finish that will transform your building project, and we believe they go above and beyond to replicate authentic aged stone. 

Eldorado Stone manufactures its products based on rocks that complement each other as they are interlaced. The time investment that goes into selecting the perfect veneer siding panel is reflected in the complete overall project - and you can see the comparison to alternative brands. Due to the design and construction process, the advantage of Eldorado Stone’s manufactured stone veneer siding panels is the absolute ease of installation to an exterior wall. This makes it one of our favorite brands manufacturing the best stone veneer siding panels by far.

MS International

MS International uses actual stone to produce its veneer panels, which enhances its authentic finish. By trimming its veneer from natural stone, MS International products are both high-quality and durable as well as incredibly attractive and artistic. Similar to Eldorado Stone, this brand creates modular stone veneer panels. This makes installation quick and simple, and the ability to interlace a breeze. 

MS International is our favorite for producing the best stone veneer siding panels for all manner of projects, such as barbeque surrounds to hugging the sides of a building. Each stone is totally unique, as such, this type of stone veneer is perfect for projects where you wish to accomplish a genuine finish.


StoneCraft employs masonry traditions to manufacture stone veneer siding panels that accomplish a great quality for an affordable price. StoneCraft veneer products are versatile, lightweight, and unique - like Eldorado Stone, each piece is adapted from natural rock, accentuating a potent aesthetic. 

While StoneCraft is the most cost-efficient brand, there is no sacrifice in quality. The time investment in design is palpable, and the intricacy involved in the manufacture of the stone veneer generates a level of quality unsurpassed by alternative cost-efficient brands. Easily connected and installed, and with more bang for your buck, StoneCraft stone products offer a great solution to bigger projects covering a greater surface area. This makes StoneCraft another of our favorite brands producing the best stone veneer siding panels.  

Covering All Angles

While each brand offers a fantastic finish to your ultimate veneer project, it is totally dependent on the type of finish you wish to achieve, and whether a manufactured or natural stone is more appropriate for your budget and project. Take a look at all 9Brothers Building Supply’s stone veneer siding panels for further inspiration!  

Techo-Bloc Aquastorm Paver for driveway

Best Pavers of 2020

From patios to walkways, selecting the best pavers for your project takes a matter of consideration. There are so many brands that offer fantastic paving solutions for diverse applications. So what is the best paver for your project in 2020? Let’s take a look at some of our favorites. 


The Nicolock Cobblestone is a great option when you require versatility. Through its octagonal shape, the Cobblestone can be used in all manner of projects to create particular paving shapes and designs. Not only is it an effective all-rounder, but it also has a distinctive European expression, which sets it aside as one of the best pavers in 2020.  The Nicolock Cobblestone Paver Alternatively, for a project demanding a more consecutive style, the Nicolock Plank Paver will not only offer a practical structure, but also promises to inject a unique modern aesthetic into any paver project.   Nicolock Plank Paver


For more robust project requirements, our recommendation would be the Cambridge 6 x 6. It’s thickset and sturdy aesthetic makes it a fantastic option for paver projects that need to supply a level of support to weight, such as driveways.  Cambridge 6 x 6 paver Or, for a more contemporary design, check out the RoundTable Random Design Kit. The Cambridge RoundTable Random Design Kit is perfect for paving projects that desire more spontaneity and irregularity in appearance.     RoundTable Random Design Kit


Unilock is one of our favorite brands for offering a level of exclusivity to paving projects, the Mattoni EnduraColor Paver in particular. This gorgeous example of paving promises to set your project aside for its contemporary blend with Roman-style aesthetics. Perfect for a pool!  Mattoni EnduraColor Paver Conversely, take a look at Westport Classic for a paver that provides a more traditional approach to your project. Its rough gridlock design gives it both a rugged and structures appeal.  Unilock Westport Classic


For a more avant-garde approach to your paving project aesthetic, consider the Techo-Bloc Aquastorm Paver, one of the best pavers of 2020. It blends practicality with style, making it a great option for driveways. The eco-friendly properties of this paver brings it right into 2020, and its fierce style serves only to accentuate this.  Techo-Bloc Aquastorm Paver Perhaps you are looking for the best paver for incorporating brightness and consistency into your project. In this instance, the Allegro Pavers option is perfect - the lighter tones and cobblestone effect generates a traditional feel that enhances your paving project.    Unilock Allegro Pavers

Which Is The Best Paver For You?

While these are some of our particular favorites, the choice you ultimately make must reflect your style and paver project functions. If you would like more inspiration, click here to view all the paver brands and designs we offer at 9Brothers Building Supply!  

How to clean pavers – and the secret(s) to a long lasting clean!

How to clean pavers | Paver Cleaner Products and Paver Sealer Products

Learn how to clean pavers and restore your patio's shine!

We explain the physical and application properties of paver cleaners and sealers that we offer.

While you are looking around at your newly installed pavers or patio stones - you may notice that they have quickly weathered; especially with the humid weather elements and lots of foliage on Long Island. If you're wondering how to clean patio pavers, we're here to help you get it done correctly the first time to restore that new flair and value. Whether it be the driveway, backyard, walkways or patio; we have the products to get it done.

Paver Cleaners

1. Efflorescence - Cleaning White Stains off Pavers


If you are noticing white stains on your pavers, we have a way to clean it off using an efflorescence cleaner. Efflorescence is when salt gets pulled out of the pores to the surface of a stone. It occurs when water leaves behind deposits on the masonry surface and can be extremely difficult to remove. The Alliance Gator Efflorescence Cleaner will surely remove these unsightly stains. 1 gallon treats 200 sq. ft. It comes in two sizes, 1 gallon and 5 gallons.

2. Shampoo - Cleaning dirt and algae in pavers


It can be a dull look to see your patio getting stained by dirt from traffic, rain, snow, and nearby trees. You can remove the dirt from these porous stone surfaces surface of a stone using Alliance Gator Shampoo will surely remove these unsightly stains. 1 gallon treats 375 sq. ft. It comes in two sizes, 1 gallon and 5 gallons.

3. Paver Rust Remover - Remove stubborn rust stains


Stubborn rust stains on pavers can be an eyesore. This product surely removes rust stains commonly found on bluestone and flagstone - but can be found on any stone. Rust comes from iron-containing hard water that sits on the stone, or a piece of metal that stained the stone.  Using Alliance Gator Rust Remover you can remove paver rust stains. No muriatic acid. Comes in 1 gallon sizes.

4. Paver Oil and Grease Remover - Oil Spill Paver Cleaner & Grease Remover


Gator Clean XP Oil and Grease Remover easily removes tough stains such as motor oil, cooking oil & grease. Just shake the bottle, spread it on the stain, let it dry, and sweep it up. Use it on concrete, brick and stone. Gator Clean XP Oil and Grease Remover is biodegradable and phosphate-free. Shake it, Spread it (let it dry), Sweep it!

5. Rubber, Paint, and Tar Remover - Remove stubborn sticky tar, paint, and rubber from pavers


Gator Clean Rubber, Paint and Tar Remover +1 is effective in removing rubber, paint and tar from the surface of concrete pavers and natural stones. Furthermore, it could be used to emulsify some sealers and could be used as a cleaning agent when using a bonding agent such as Gator Rock Bond.

Paver Sealers

Add a protective layer to your pavers and natural stone to defend them from the elements

Adding a sealer to your pavers allows acrylic-based polymers to coat and penetrate your concrete pavers - reducing oil and dirt penetration that makes it easy to wash away. It also protects your stones from corrosion of de-icing salt, ice expansion, and snow corrosion. These products are specifically formulated to be used on unsealed surfaces only.  They come in a variety of satin and glossy. All of them come in a gallon or 5 gallon choice.  If you have previously sealed your patio, you will want to skip to the paver sealer stripper products below, otherwise check out this paver re-sealer product.

No-Gloss Options

Low Gloss Options

Wet Look Options

Paver Sealer Strippers

Paver Sealer Stripper Solutions

How to choose stones for masonry

How to choose stones for Masonry – 5 Rules For Outdoor Masonry Projects

How do you choose the perfect scheme of a patio or walkway to go with your home? How to choose stones for masonry: there are quite a few things to think about; although you might just want to choose what color compliments your idea of a perfect hardscape. Hardscapes are basically anything outdoors that involves adding stone to enhance the look and increase the value of your yard. With our experience since 1980, 9 Brothers has been innovating with the latest products in outdoor designs for modern and traditional looks. So let's get straight to the point of how to choose stones for masonry projects you have coming!
  1. Choose a color that compliments, but not contradicts the property It's easy to love a color; but when we think about it, we try to suggest what will compliment the property and add actual value to it. If your home is a darker gray or black color, natural blue stone would look best with your property. Bluestone is considered a universal stone that has a medium range value with high results. It's comfortable to walk on and easy to clean with tons of shaping options. It's also a hard, but fragile stone that can chip away easily.
  2. High maintenance or low maintenance? Most stones and pavers require regular maintenance since they are prone to weather conditions; extreme in some cases. For a low maintenance stone, choose natural stone, that is less porous and can easily be sealed and power washed. If you prefer a more structured appearance with a clean look, paver bricks are your choice. Paving stones are usually cut and shaped to lay the stones in an array of patterns or a straight grid for a sleek appearance.
  3. Natural Stone or Manufactured Stone? If you're wondering the difference between the two; natural stone is taken straight from the mountains via explosives and shaped by hand or machine. These rocks are not created in a factory and have a much higher value than manufactured stone. Manufactured stone allows for the similar qualities of natural stone, but with a plethora of options in colors, shapes, and sizes. Manufactured stone usually creates the perfect look; however the value of the rock is not the same. Modern manufactured stone is not too distinguishable from natural stone, and can pass off as valuable stones. Natural stone also weathers less compared to manufactured stone. Doing yearly maintenance by pressure washing all stones and sealing them will make them last an indefinite amount of time if installed properly.
  4. Choose stones to compliment an area If you want to delegate separate areas around the yard, great! We carry a ton of selections from different brands so that you can easily create a 'seamless' backyard experience without losing out on unique areas of your design. We make it easy; as a distributor of our brands, you can order from multiple channels and have your stones delivered together for your outdoor project. With choices like Cambridge, Nicolock, Unilock, and Techo-Bloc, and more, you're sure to find what you always imagined!
  5. Check your masonry contractor's experience Hiring the wrong masonry contractor can lead to unexpected short term failures of your expensive project. A contractor should know what makes your masonry project last for years to come. You don't want stones coming loose, sinking, dislodged, or getting broken because of the wrong bed under the masonry. We have seen cases where coping stones have not been installed properly around a pool, and steps nearby. This caused calcium to run down all of the concrete seams into an expensive swimming pool, costing the customer nearly the same amount they paid for a new construction 2 years prior! Please, hire reputable masonry contractors, or we can recommend one!
We hope these tips on how to choose stones for masonry will help you in choosing 9 Brothers Building Supply as your masonry supply for your next project! We love transforming thousands of backyards one day at a time with our expansive collection of unique stones!