How to Choose the Right Grade of Crushed Stone

Working in construction means you will likely work with different grades of crushed stone. If you need to choose the right grade of crushed stone, you need to understand the different options and what they work best for. Below is a simple guide to making it easier to choose the right grade of crushed stone for your specific projects.

The Many Different Grades of Crushed Stone

Crushed Stone #1

This is 2–4-inch crushed stone in size. Commonly crushed stone #1 is used for stormwater outfall areas, sewer projects, slope protection, haul roads, culvert ballast, and septic projects.

Crushed Stone #2

A ¾-inch to 1 1/4-inch stone, crushed stone #2 is often used for driveways, rough site pads, farm roads, and construction entrances.

Crushed Stone #3

Crushed stone #3 is 1/2 to 2 inches in size and used for driveways, walkways, dry wells, ballasts for railroads, and septic systems.

Crushed Stone #5

A crushed stone with a size less than one inch, crushed stone #5 is best for filler materials, the top driveway layer, railroad ballast, and septic drainage fields.

Crushed Stone #7

With a size from 3/4 inch to #8 sieve, crushed stone #7 is used for septic tank-line bedding, filtration, bio-retention ponds, asphalt production, retaining wall backfill, ready-mix production, and many landscaping projects.

Crushed Stone #8

With crushed stone #8, you get a 1/2 inch to 3/8-inch size used for bio-retention ponds, ready-mix production, tank bedding, filtration, and many landscaping projects.

Crushed Stone #10

Offering a size from fines up to 1/4-inch, crushed stone #10 works best as fill materials, for walkways, in paver installation, for horse rings, barns, and stables, for tennis courts, as a hardscape material, for dust or screenings, and for bicycle trails.

Crushed Stone #57

Crushed stone #57 offers a size of 3/4 inch and works best for driveways, as filter stones, for dry wells, in concrete/asphalt mix design, for residential drainage, and for large pipe bedding.

Crushed Stone #67

With a size of 3/4 inch, crushed stone #67 works best as a filler, slab and road base, for residential drainage projects, and for paths and top layers of driveways.

When you need to choose the right grade of crushed stone, 9 Brothers Building Supply is ready to help you. Stop by one of our NYC area locations in Brentwood or Riverhead today!


Type N Mortar: Is It The Right Mortar For Your Job?

Getting the right type of mortar for your job is important. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry several types of mortar including Type N Mortar. When you know which type of mortar is right for your job, it makes it easier to complete the work you need to complete.

What is Type N Mortar?

Type N mortar mix is a preblended mixture and provides a medium compression strength. It includes one part Portland cement, one part mile, and six parts sand. It's known as a general-purpose mix and has many different uses.

According to TheSpruce.com, "Type N mortar is usually recommended on the exterior and above-grade walls that are exposed to severe weather and high heat." It's often used for soft stone masonry and by homeowners for general application.

What can contractors use Type N Mortar for?

Contactors can use Type N Mortar Mix from 9 Brothers Building Supply for many different things. It can be used for above-grade exterior walls, chimneys, and more. This general-purpose mortar mix is used in above-grade interior and exterior load-bearing installation. It can also be used by contractors for soft stone masonry.

This type of mortar mix can also be used for tucking points or repairing mortar joints. It's commonly used for laying block, stone, and brick in load-bearing walls.

There are many uses for Type N Mortar mix for contractors. Make sure it fits with your project and get the right type of mortar mix for your needs.

At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer the mortar mix you need. We carry Lehigh Masonry Cement Type N Mortar. We also have the Quikrete Type N Mortar Mix. Even if you're looking for Type S or another type of mortar mix, we can help.

Egress Windows in New York

What is Egress? – Egress Windows in New York

When you work with windows in New York, the windows have to meet specific requirements due to the New York State egress window code. This state code has to do with making sure an inhabitant can exit from a basement living space during an emergency. You want to make sure your windows meet the New York State basement egress window requirements.

What is the Egress Window Code in New York State?

The code states the following:

Windows have to be openable from inside the basement without the need for a tool, key, or special knowledge.

  • If the basement contains more than one sleeping room, egress is required for each sleeping room.
  • An unobstructed opening with at least 5.7 square feet is necessary.
  • The width of the clear opening has to be at least 20-inches, while the height must be 24-inches.
  • There must be a sill height of no more than 44 inches above the floor.
  • If you have a sill height that is below grade, you will need a window well.
  • If a window well is required, it has to be at least nine square feet and in an area with a horizontal projection and a width of at least three feet.
  • If you have a window well that is deeper than 44 inches, you will need a permanent ladder or steps that don't interfere with the opening of the window

What are Egress Windows?

Egress windows are windows that allow you to leave your home. They open out and also help to provide natural light in a basement-dwelling. If an emergency happens, these windows allow those inside the building's basement to get out safely. Egress windows come in multiple types including casement and window wells.

When dealing with a basement-dwelling, egress windows in New York will be necessary. Make sure you follow the building codes properly.

best bricks

The Best Bricks and why they’re still popular for Construction Material And Brick Pavers

Bricks may seem like a construction material from the past, but the best bricks are still incredibly popular. They are used for all kinds of construction projects from businesses to retaining walls to homes to walkways.

If you're working on a construction project, you might be considering bricks for the project. Let's look at a few of the reasons why  bricks still work great for construction.

Top 4 Reasons the Best Bricks are Great for Construction

1. Very Durable

Bricks remain a very durable option for construction. Many of the oldest buildings still standing were constructed with bricks. When you choose Watsontown Brick products, you will get incredible durability for your project. Most of the best bricks can last for decades.

2. Energy Efficient Option

When you create a brick wall, it offers better insulation for your home than most of the other options. Bricks are a very energy-efficient option and can help keep utility bills lower. Brick houses also help to decrease the impact a home has on the environment.

3. Attractive

Bricks come in a variety of colors and styles. The classic Glen-Gery bricks even come in a variety of options. No matter which bricks you choose, they are very attractive and offer a wonderful look for any construction project.

4. Low maintenance

Bricks won't need to be painted and they don't rot or become damaged due to weather. The durability of the bricks provides a low-maintenance option for any construction project. For home projects, bricks will keep the homeowner from needing to replace siding or trim.

Whether you want to use bricks for a home project or some of the best brick pavers for a walkway, bricks are still a very popular construction material. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we offer a wide variety of Watsontown Bricks and Glen-Gery bricks. Stop by our Brentwood or Riverhead location to see our bricks for yourself.

Visit Watsontown Brick or Glen-Gery's websites for further inspiration and details.

Some of our Best Bricks from our Catalog

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    Watsontown Brick- Acadia

  • , , , , ,

    Watsontown Brick-Lynbrook

  • , , , , ,

    Watsontown Brick- Arlington

  • , , , , ,

    Watsontown Brick- Old Tappin

  • , , , , ,

    Watsontown Brick- Seneca

  • , , , , ,

    Watsontown Brick- BedFord

  • , , , , ,

    Watsontown Brick-Keuka

  • , , , ,

    Glen-Gery – 900 RED MATT

  • , , , , ,

    Watsontown Brick- Dover

  • , , , ,

    Glen-Gery – 200 Flashed Matt

  • , , , , ,

    Watsontown Brick- Walnut


Coastal Flooding: Why Using Foundation Vents Is Important on Long Island & NYC

Coastal flooding can certainly cause plenty of issues with your foundation in Long Island or NYC. With the right foundation vents, you won't have to worry about coastal flooding as much. Let's look at what flood vents are and how they can help protect your foundation.

What are flood vents and how are they used?

A flood vent, foundation vent, or flood port, is a permanent opening designed into the wall to allow water to automatically pass in both directions in to or out of the building exterior. These vents are used to help lower the risk of structural damage from flooding. If you're located in a special flood hazard area, using flood vents is often required by the National Flood Insurance Program.

With the ability to allow water to flow in and out of the foundation or another area, flood vents can help to protect your building. Not only can these vents help to reduce building damage during coastal flooding, but they can also help your building qualify for a reduction in the premium for flood insurance.

In some areas, flood vents are required to help ensure your home or building is well protected. They are used for residential basements, garages, crawl spaces, and other enclosed structures. If your building is below the Base Flood Elevation in a Special Flood Hazard Area, you will be required to have the right foundation vents.

How do foundation vents protect against foundation collapse?

When you have flood vents installed, floodwaters will move in and out of the foundation instead of causing foundation collapse from flooding. The pressure will be reduced and damage to your structure will also be reduced with the right flood vents.

Foundation vents offered by 9 Brothers Building Supply

We offer two of the top flood vent options, which are the SmartVent Pour-in-Place and SmartVent Trim & Sleeve Kits. If you need the right foundation vents to protect from coastal flooding, stop by our Brentwood or Riverhead location today.


9 Brothers Continues Expansion of Construction Supplies and Masonry Products on Long Island

Finding the right option for construction supplies in Long Island just got easier. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we have provided construction supplies and masonry products for more than 40 years. Recently, we expanded our options and revamped our website to better serve you. Our new website was redesigned to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. We have also expanded our product offerings to better serve our customers. Our products now include specialty construction materials and supplies available for general contractors, masons, landscaping companies, municipal developers, and many other types of clients. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we are always accepting new customers and accounts. With four decades of logistics experience, we know how to get you the products you need for any construction or masonry job.

Expanded Catalog of Products

We have added many new products to better serve our customers. Some of the categories recently added to our website and our two store locations include: These categories now feature necessary products for many types of construction projects. Whether you're serving customers by providing hardscapes or you specialize in municipal construction projects, we have the right construction supplies in Long Island for your needs.

Check Out Our Inspiration Center

Another new addition to our website, the Inspiration Center offers many great blogs to help homeowners. We know many homeowners like to tackle hardscapes and even construction products on their own. If you need inspiration or helpful tips about masonry products and other products we offer, our inspiration center offers just what you're looking for. Sometimes, you know what you want, but you cannot visualize it or explain it properly to your contractor. You will find plenty of great inspirational ideas and images to help you better explain and show your contractor what you want. Our inspiration center features plenty of real applications and a link to our gallery filled with great design ideas.

Top Construction Supplies from Top Brands

Getting the right construction supplies shouldn't be difficult. We make it easier by carrying brand names you can trust. From Cambridge pavers to Smart Vent flood vents, we have all the quality products you need. We have always worked hard to make sure our stores are stocked with only the highest quality products. When you need construction supplies, you can count on our team to deliver.

About 9 Brothers Building Supply

When you need construction supplies in Long Island, you want the best selection and service. Choosing to work with us means you will get exactly that. We use the most up-to-date technology system to ensure our inventories are always accurate. Our system allows us to deliver the right products to your job site fast. Over the past four decades, we have worked very hard to modernize our business to better serve our customers. We offer the best quality products, at the best prices in the area. Whether you're looking for pavers, concrete forms, or simply a bag of cement mix, we're ready to provide the best service possible at both our Brentwood and Riverhead locations.

3 Hard-to-Find Pool Building Supply Products on Long Island

It’s January, and if you live in the New York area, then you know all too well just how bone-chillingly cold winters can be. With us being right in the middle of the winter season, you would think that we’d be having the typical freezing temperatures that we’re used to. However, that’s not the case this time around. In fact, we’ve been having a rather warm winter, warmer than its been for some years. 

Because of this, of course, Contractor's don’t have to be cooped up in the house quite as much. In fact, many Contractors are seeing this as the perfect warmer winter season to continue building swimming pools. Many people are even getting their backyard pools built so that it can be ready just in time for the warmer seasons to come. As a result, it has been unexpectedly busy for pool builders, especially in the Hamptons, New York area. 

For all the pool builders in the Long Island, New York area, 9 Brothers has you covered for all your pool equipment needs in this unexpected work season. Going into this year, we have stocked a wide range of specialized products to help make your pool-building projects as easy and efficient as possible.

Let’s take a look at a few great hard-to-find pool building supply products that we recommend for pool builders on Long Island. With these super helpful products, your pool-building projects will be easy and smooth. 

#1: 20 & 30 Feet Rebar

20 and 30 foot steel rebar
20' and 30' steel rebar available.

As a pool builder, rebar is easily one of your most important supplies to consider. After all, the reinforced steel poles make up the skeletal system of the pool structure, supporting the concrete to prevent it from moving and breaking as it would if set in soil alone. 

Because the structural integrity and the longevity of the pools you build rely heavily on the quality of the rebar you use, it’s important to opt for heavy-duty and high-quality rebar that is built to last. If not, structural issues for the pools can occur sooner than you’d like, causing more work and impacting your brand reputation in the process. 

Here at 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry top-quality Grade 60 reinforced steel rebars in both 20 feet and 30 feet options to help get your pool projects started on the right foot. 

#2: Pool Coping Supply

Techo Bloc Bullnose Coping

Once you finish building your pool structure and pouring in the concrete, you’ll need to have some good coping to complete the edge of the pool to make it not only safe but to give it an attractive appearance as well. 

This Bullnose coping by Techo-Bloc is simple, clean, and timeless. Featuring rounded edges, the Techo-Bloc Bullnose coping will give your completed pools a much softer appearance, helping it to gracefully blend in with the rest of the landscape. 

9 Brothers Building Supply carries two unique finishes: Smooth, which offers a more modern look, and Aged, which blends well with rustic decor. See all of our pool coping choices here.



Gunite Pool Building Supply Products
Gunite Pool Building Supply Products

#3: Welded Wire Mats

When it comes to building the walls of your pools, no concrete reinforcement works better than welded wire mats. Wire mesh is used in a variety of applications. Rather than simply pouring standard concrete in a mold to develop your pool shell, rebar and wire mats are a very durable option to use.




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