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Best Pavers of 2022

Finding the best pavers of 2022 can help ensure you get the look you want for your hardscape. At 9 Brothers Building Supply, we carry top brands of both manufactured and natural stone pavers. Our team can help you select the perfect option for your specific needs.

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Pavers, Paving Systems and Designer Pavers

Check out our collections of classic paving systems designed to work in conjunction with outdoor living spaces, patterns, seating, walls, and more! Many of these paving systems have interlocking technologies, permeable paver options, and advanced stain blocking, and longevity engineered additives to make your pavers last for decades to come.

Cambridge Pavers [View Category]

As one of the top paver companies on the market today, Cambridge only provides high-quality options. When you’re looking for the best pavers of 2022, you must look at the Cambridge pavers we carry.

Offering ArmorTec, Cambridge pavers give you everything you need. We provide these top pavers in many different styles, shapes, and colors.

Nicolock [View Category]

Offering excellent paver technology, Nicolock is one of the best paver options for 2022. This top brand provides several different styles and choices for your walkway, driveway, deck, patio, or any other project. When it comes to high-quality pavers, Nicolock is certainly a brand you can trust.

Techo-Bloc [View Category]

For those seeking a modern design touch and a more luxurious paver brand, Techo-Bloc fits very well. They offer some of the best pavers for 2022 with incredible durability and a lifetime warranty. The interlocking characteristics and thickness make Techo-Bloc pavers a top choice for driveway projects.

Unilock [View Category]

When you want strength and beauty in each paver, Unilock is the right choice for you. This paver brand offers options for all kinds of applications including outdoor patios, landscaping, and fire pit areas. Enjoy a realistic texture from these manufactured pavers, along with some of the best paver technology for 2022.

Paving Stones and Slabs

Our Natural stone options are for those who wish to achieve a natural look and finish of stones which can be used in unique installation applications, such as full patios, irregular flagstone, or spaced out uniform slabs.

9 Brothers’ Own Natural Stone Pavers [view category]

We offer a full line of natural stone slabs in a variety of color options. When you want top-quality pavers, our brand gives you the perfect choices. When you choose our natural stone slaps, you get options, such as Castle Grey, Brown Wave, Rainbow, and Bluestone.

Our natural stone slabs come in a variety of flagstones with both square and rectangle options. If you’re looking for a more traditional paver-like option, we also offer 9Brothers Flagstone Pavers in the same colors.

MSI Paving Stones [View Category]

When you want a top choice for natural stone pavers, MSI Paving Stones offers some of the best pavers for 2022. Both of our stores in the New York City area are stocked with natural stone pavers from MSI. We offer travertine, marble, and many other styles of natural pavers from this top brand.

MSI also offers porcelain pavers, which we carry. If you want a beautiful look, with multiple size options, stop in and let us help you find the right MSI paving stones for you.

Bluestone [View Category]

One of the most popular natural stone pavers is a bluestone paver. It’s commonly found throughout the Long Island area and provides a very beautiful option for all kinds of applications.

Also known as Pennsylvania Bluestone, our bluestone pavers provide a more local option perfect for your hardscape. If you want not only one of the best pavers of 2022, but also one of the most unique, choose from our selection of bluestone pavers.

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    Bluestone Natural Cleft Finish Pavers – Full Color Range

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    Bluestone Thermal Finish Pavers – Full Color Range

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    Bluestone Thermal Finish Treads – Blue Blue

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    Bluestone Thermal Finish Treads – Full Color Range

View ALL Pavers

While each brand offers a fantastic finish to your patio, it is totally dependent on the type of finish you wish to achieve, and whether a manufactured or natural stone is more appropriate for your budget and project. Take a look at all 9Brothers Building Supply’s best pavers of 2022 for further inspiration!