Product Catalog

  • StoneCraft – Farmledge Profiles

    The irregular stone shapes, sizes and textures of Farmledge have been molded into panels to re-create the time honored look of stacked stone with the benefit of a simplified installation. Farmledge stone panels are approximately 4.875″” high with varying lengths ranging from 7.75″”–19.75″”.

    4.875″” X 7.75″”–19.75″”

    Profile Shown in Hamilton Farmledge

  • StoneCraft – Heritage Profiles

    The profile installs into randomly coursed patterns making an
    impressive visual statement. Heritage stones range from 2.25″”–8″” in height and
    3.5″”–17″” in length.

    2.25″”–8″” X 3.5″”–17″”

    Profile Shown in Hamilton Heritage

  • StoneCraft – Laurel Cavern Ledge Profies

    This unique profile has rugged yet well defined features. Stones range from 1″”–3.5″” in height and 5″”–17″” in length.

    1″”–3.5″” X 5″”–17″”

    Profile Shown in Asher Laurel Cavern Ledge

  • StoneCraft – Light Box

    For cleanly-finished facades and exteriors, our light boxes deliver a stone-friendly mounting platform for consistent beauty

    8″”w × 11″”h × 1.5″”d

    Profile Shown in Espresso Light Box

  • StoneCraft – Peaked Wall Caps

    At 20″” in length, the caps are available in 12″” or 16″” widths to distinguish privacy walls or thicker wall applications with bold dimension.

    20″”l × 12″”w × 2.375″”–3.5″”h
    20″”l × 16″”w × 2″”–3.5″”h

    Profile Shown in Espresso Peaked Wall Cap

  • StoneCraft – River Rock

    Soft rounded contours are slowly revealed from the gradual effects of rushing water. River Rock ranges in size from approximately 1.5″”–15″” in height and 3″”–18″” in length.

    1.5″”–15″” X 3″”–18″”

    Profile Shown In Adirondack River Rock

  • StoneCraft -FieldStone Profiles

    Fieldstone consists of intentionally irregular shapes and sizes. The profile ranges from 2″–18″ in height and 4″–18″ in length, with an average of 7″×9″.

    2″–18″ X 4″–18″

    Profile Shown In BuckTown FieldStone

  • StoneCraft- Wainscot Sill

    “The sills’ 20″” width provides strong, clean lines.

    20″”w × 3″”h × 1.5″”d

    Profile Shown In Espresso Wainscot Sill

  • StoneCraft- Flagstone Wall Caps

    Flagstone Wall Caps add a crisp, natural detail to your stone walls.They complement garden, patio and water feature applications with a touch of refinement.

    37″”l × 9″”w × 2.25″”h
    37″”l × 12″”w × 2.25″”h

    Profile Shown In Espresso FlagStone Wall Cap

  • StoneCraft- HearthStone

    For the coziest and most ruggedly elegant fireplaces, Hearthstones bring a handsome, inviting feel with rustic texture and vibrancy

    19″”w × 20″”l × 1.5″”h

    Profile Shown in Espresso HearthStone

  • StoneCraft- KeyStone

    The classic look of a keystone is the perfect bridge between your stone style and
    your windows

    8″”-5.5″”w x 10″”h x 1.5″”d

    Profile Shown in Espresso KeyStone

  • StoneCraft- LedgeStone Profiles

    Ledgestone ranges from approximately 1″”–5″” in height and 5″”–21″” in length. Installed in a dry-stack application the stones stack tightly together horizontally as the varying stone depths create intriguing shadow play.

    1″”–5″” X 5″”–21″”

    Profile Shown in BuckTown LedgeStone